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  • WoWHead sold

    Would you sell out? If it meant I could quit my job … I guess I would. WoWHead used to be the last WoW database that did not belong to Affinity Media – former owners of IGE, the largest gold selling company there is. Now Affinity Media has sold IGE and bought WoWHead. Wowhead: World […]

  • To raid or not to raid

    We always said we would not be a raiding guild. We also said, that we would try the 20 man instances Zul Gurub and The Ruins of Ahn Qiraj. Those are raid instances. (Upper Blackrock Spire does NOT count as a true raid instance … much too easy!) What exactly makes a guild a “raiding […]

  • WoW and gold farmers

    As it happens we were discussing gold farming on the guild forum after one member posted a link to an article on gold farming. Some people were quite surprised that gold farming (the wikipedia article cites most of the same sources I do actually *g*) was so common and such a big issue in our […]

  • participatory

    Management Skills Blog ยป Teamwork Posters on the Wall The biggest tool you have is participation. People will support a workplace they help to make. Someone there put into words what I’ve been struggling to grasp. Of course it is true for the workplace but even more so for something like a WoW guild. I’ve […]