For you it is drama. Something to fuss about.

For me it is just another moskito bite I am trying to ignore.

You are like the child crying for help without cause. One day … nobody will come running.

Productivity Help Online

I have started to manage a lot of things through the web and was on the lookout for a good online “todo list” application. So when I saw the Reader Poll: Best Online To-do List Manager? on Lifehacker, I had hopes to find something good. Admittedly at first I only checked out the two services with the most votes: Remember the Milk and Todoist. But when I started writing the article I made an account on every single one of the services mentionned in the poll. So what’s below the cut? Screenshots, links and mini reviews – strongly opinionated – of all the different todolist managers. If you’re lazy jump to the conclusion now.
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Automatic Wisdom

It would have been wise to fully use the automatic system and refrain from modifying stuff somewhere deep inside the generated results and thus undermining the automatics.

This neatly explains the trouble I have had the past few days to deploy something on two different systems that should have been equal … should have been … because they were installed with the same automatic configuration. Except … that on my local system I ‘fixed’ some stuff with a quick hack and forgot all about it … until … 6 weeks later …

This cost me several days of work and a lot of frustration.

Stumbling over ssh

Naturally this stumbling happened just after me saying “Oh I think I have finally worked out how system XYZ …”

So my new linux distribution (ubuntu in case I had not mentionned) does not install sshd by default. It took me just about half an hour to realize that one.

Of course why should a desktop workstation need sshd running … so it’s probably wise to not install it by default.

Disproof of Concepts

Imagine there’s a new technology and somebody wants to use it. So they are quite motivated to fit it in with the existing software and do a lot of work and maybe even compromise to get a proof of concept done and the technology accepted. It works. People love their technology, it’s new, it looks good and it does not cause problems with existing stuff ….

Once though the technology is accepted and becomes integrated in more and more projects, those using it aren’t as motivated as before to make the integration work as smoothly as before. What was once a simple thing now forces others to compromise more and more parts of their projects to integrate the “important” new stuff.

So just don’t bug me with a proof of concept … I know where it leads to.

Frisches Linux

So. Nachdem Umzug und dem Büroumzug hab ich auch mal auf meinem Arbeitsrechner abgestaubt und das etwas chaotische und nach 4 Jahren ziemlich zugemüllte Debian durch ein schönes neues buntes Ubuntu ersetzt. Das ging sehr einfach. Allerdings habe ich trotz Backups eine ganze Menge Kleinigkeiten, die ich nun wieder einstellen muss. Und schon wieder die falsche IP.


Nun auch wieder auf der Arbeit, nach 2 Wochen Urlaub und 1 Woche krank sein. Den heutigen Tag habe ich mit dem Versuch meinen Rechner ans Netz zu kriegen verbracht. Nach ca. 4 Stunden hat sich rausgestellt, dass die Netzwerkdose einfach nicht freigeschaltet war. Ein bisschen bäh das.

Ich hätte beinahe schon angefangen neu zu installieren. Grml. Immerhin war es easy den Grafikkartentreiber von nvidia auf ati umzustellen, da nach dem Büroumzug meine Grafikkarte den Geist aufgegeben hatte.


Der Umzug des Telefonanschlusses ist beauftragt. Ich habe ein neues Handy (selbe Nummer) mit Akku, der nicht dauernd leer ist (dazu sollte ich wirklich noch einen Eintrag unter “Spielzeug” machen ) und was ich dabei habe und die Küchenergänzung ist bestellt.

In den nächsten Tagen muss ich mich dann wohl entscheiden wieviel ich für meine Faulheit bezahlen möchte bei dem Umzug. Meine Umzugsauktion ist gestern abend ausgelaufen.

Empfohlen worden war mir auch das Umzugsland auf der Durlacher Allee.

PS: der Büroumzug macht auch Fortschritte ich hab schon die Aufkleber mit meinem Namen für meine noch zu packenden Kisten und soeben wurde mein Tischtelefon durch ein Dect-Telefon ausgetauscht … das neue Gebäude kann wohl mit den anderen Dingern nicht. Tragbare Telefone > Tischtelefone. Wenn denn dann alles so funktioniert.


Last week I was invited to a training for the company’s new project management process.

The training was interesting as we had to conduct a small project on our own to experience the new process first-hand. The project was to build a lego house and thus we learned by playing which is a good thing.

The nice detail was that when I arrived at work today there was a nice certificate about my participation lying on my desk. I was just about to ridicule the certificate for a 2-hour-training, when I noticed that they had not only put my name on it but a color picture of the house we built!

That’s just the kind of nice personal detail I enjoy and appreciate.

Encoding trouble revisited

Searching on my blog for articles on encodings and how to deal with them will yield quite a few results.

As if there could be a project without encoding trouble. So I’ve been searching for the reason why unix diff finds differences where none are and those are of course caused by some funky encoding weirdness.

If I am lucky my single “good” blogpost on the topic will help me out because I can only reproduce the bug on a machine which does not really have locales configured. I really hope – I know one shouldn’t hope to fix bugs but just find the solution and fix them – that this is it.

But the exact same test acts different on 2 different deployments of my project. So maybe I’ll be done with that one soon.

Update: it’s definitely not simple trouble with locales …