Mr Gadgeteer

Go look at the picture in the article and count the gizmos: Joi Ito’s Web: whatsinyourbag I saw this fun whatsinyourbag flickr tag on Minami’s blog so I decided to dump the contents of my shoulder bag on the floor (at 5AM) and take a picture. He’s outfitted it with some detailed notes on flickr.

Gizmodo on something

Gizmodo : Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Swerving should always be given your full attention, lest you miss a child and valuable points. Oh yes let’s play Carmageddon. This is YABGYDN (yet another bluetooth gizmo you don’t need!). But if you get one your car will be bluetooth enabled and you can put a logo sticker on… Continue reading Gizmodo on something

Gizmo Alarm

snoBLIND: Gizmo Alarm I need one of those Those being a …. aaahhh hmmmm ooohhh take a look for yourself Me too, me too, me too!

My chair is here

and the color nearly matches the red of the new Liber Cantiones 😉 It feels a bit like doing sports to sit on this one. I adjusted everything and now I am cool. Verry cool. I should take and post a picture. Well it seems to be a non-trivial thing to get the pics from… Continue reading My chair is here

Tungsten News

Golem hat Bilder vom neuen Tungsten T5, noch teurer als meiner. Und kein Schiebedings mehr. Aber schoen bunt sieht alles aus. Na ja ich kauf mir sowieso keinen neuen. W-Lan hat er wieder nicht. Die lernen nie dazu oder? Ich hab gestern mal wieder probiert meinem T3 Internetzugang per Blauzahn ueber meinen Rechner zu geben.… Continue reading Tungsten News

Still drooling on the apple

Some of you might remember me mentionning wanting a powerbook or other apple geek toys, lately. Well here’s an article that did not change my mind: The Fishbowl: The Mac is a Harsh Mistress Read it, the author says about the post: And yes, this is possibly the most disturbing post I’ve ever written.

Hardware Shopping

Just for keeps here’s my current hardware “wishlist” Today I am going to order a barebone and a DVD Burner: Shuttle SN45G and LG GSA-4082B, oh yeah and I want the fancy card reader, too, that Shuttle offers. But there’s more to want: – SD Card for my Tungsten – Logitech diNovo desktop (yeah still… Continue reading Hardware Shopping

USB Hotsync Cable

Kann mir jemand sagen wo ich sowas fuer meine T3 kriege? Saturn, unfreundlicher Verkäufer: “Ne haben wir nich!” Ich, suche gerade zum 5. mal so ein Ding im Saturn: “Nur jetzt nicht?” Saturn, unfreundlicher Verkäufer: “Ist nur gerade aus.” Dann sieht er mich mit diesen “Geh endlich weg!” Blick an, verkaufen wollte er wohl nichts.… Continue reading USB Hotsync Cable

My Tungsten 3 review

I am no professional reviewer but some people have requested I tell them about my new gizmo: the Tungsten 3. So here we go. I’ll try to write up everything interesting about it. Why did you decide to buy this specific PDA? I wanted PalmOS (!=windows) and the Cliés have too many features for my… Continue reading My Tungsten 3 review