Der Umzug des Telefonanschlusses ist beauftragt. Ich habe ein neues Handy (selbe Nummer) mit Akku, der nicht dauernd leer ist (dazu sollte ich wirklich noch einen Eintrag unter “Spielzeug” machen ) und was ich dabei habe und die Küchenergänzung ist bestellt.

In den nächsten Tagen muss ich mich dann wohl entscheiden wieviel ich für meine Faulheit bezahlen möchte bei dem Umzug. Meine Umzugsauktion ist gestern abend ausgelaufen.

Empfohlen worden war mir auch das Umzugsland auf der Durlacher Allee.

PS: der Büroumzug macht auch Fortschritte ich hab schon die Aufkleber mit meinem Namen für meine noch zu packenden Kisten und soeben wurde mein Tischtelefon durch ein Dect-Telefon ausgetauscht … das neue Gebäude kann wohl mit den anderen Dingern nicht. Tragbare Telefone > Tischtelefone. Wenn denn dann alles so funktioniert.

Shiny Toys

Tea Gizmo in Action

The other day I was shopping birthday presents and I came across a rather weird looking item. Yes the one on the picture. The packaging contained the word “tea” so I immediately knew what it was good for. I treated myself to a little “shopping present” and went home to test it out.

It’s a small metal tube that you can fill tea into to brew yourself a single cup of tea rather quickly.

For ease of cleaning you can remove the lid at the bottom.

Just one thing: do not use too much tea with the tube, because it becomes pretty hard to remove and I cut myself in the finger and it still hurts.

Cool Tool: X-treme Tape

I think some of you might like X-treme Tape

This stuff is sort of magical. You stretch it on and it self-fuses tight under tension. It works in cold and wet, and won’t melt on hot surfaces, so you can use it on engines. It is easy to apply even when it is below freezing.

It’s not like I need something like this, but you just never know …. I think it qualifies for “gizmo”!

Oblivion Helper

Oblivion HelperOriginally uploaded by yashima.

See my shiny new gizmo. Well of course the rest is still not here and so I can only look at the box and wonder how good Oblivion will look once I have the complete computer.

What time

Cool Tool: World Time Clock

Wonder if you got this: It’s the World Time Clock from designer Charlotte Van Der Waals. Think it’s an incredibly clever piece. I appreciate a lot the ability of seeing “upside down” things and problems 🙂

Click link, see picture. This is a very interesting perspective and a little bit reminds me of Babylon 5 (yes we are currently watching the last few episodes of season 2 on dvd): “There is no such thing as day and night in space”

Blue Water

Via Boing Boing I found the link and image to this pretty idea:

This LED-equipped, battery-powered faucet is triggered by running water through it — switch on the tap and your stream of water goes luminescent blue. The site describes this as “perfect for running water at night.

I want one!

Herb Growing – don’t do it yourself

Found on Inhabitat

Each self-contained unit is solar powered, creating a microclimate for the plant pads which contain everything necessary for growing herbs- without additional fertilizers or chemicals. Additionally, each pad (whether basil, thyme, sage, etc.) is equipped with a RFID tag that is recognized by the Herbarium to ensure optimal growing conditions, which is helpful to those of us without green thumbs. Once the plant pad is “planted,” the herb name is illuminated on the pot rim, which also displays information such as when your home grown herbs are ready to harvest.

Go there and take a look at the pictures, too.

I want one =) a true cooking gizmo, or not?

Japanese Video Making Toy

I knew before I started reading Megatokyo that Japan is an – uhm – interesting country. And it gets more interesting all the time:

we make money not art: MYSQ: Video Purikura

The booth can accommodate up to three people so you can shoot Prikura style video clips with your friends. Inside the booth is a fluffy thing called a MYSQ ring, you wear it on your hand. A camera detects the movement of your MYSQ ring. Also, floor sensors detect your foot movement. So, the system can control video effects based on your (and your friends’) hand/foot movement.