Tag: Productivity

  • Producivity Tools Recap

    You may remember the longish article I wrote about online todo list tools or you may not. Anyway it has been some time and I can now post a conclusion to this. At first I really tried hard to work with Remember the Milk, I really wanted to like it. It ended hab having too […]

  • Productivity Help Online

    I have started to manage a lot of things through the web and was on the lookout for a good online “todo list” application. So when I saw the Reader Poll: Best Online To-do List Manager? on Lifehacker, I had hopes to find something good. Admittedly at first I only checked out the two services […]

  • Quick Mail Filtering

    Lately I’ve been busy getting my mailboxes cleaned up. One of the most important things to process mails quickly is filtering. Since I read my mail from different computers at work and at home I am mostly depending on sieve-based serverside filters. Those are either edited in a web-based gui or as textfiles. On my […]

  • Mistress of the Uncluttered Closet

    Just today I wrote about my Cluttered Closet, which had been a frustrating thing to just look at for quite some time I should just get a bigger closet …. I followed the advice from the article about the Happy Closet at Lifeorganizers.com and now I have 1 big bag of shoes to throw out […]

  • Mistress of the Cluttered Closet

    Yes that is me. I should take a picture of it tonight. Some of you would be shocked others probably not. But I found this nice site that speaks truth on the topic. I already knew most of the advice contained in there. Except I hate throwing away perfectly good clothes that I am sure […]

  • Detail

    Last week I was invited to a training for the company’s new project management process. The training was interesting as we had to conduct a small project on our own to experience the new process first-hand. The project was to build a lego house and thus we learned by playing which is a good thing. […]

  • More projects, apply more projects!

    I found the following beautiful list today – and read the whole thing. It’s quite funny as long as you don’t start to seriously think about it and maybe some may even learn a few bits from that list =) Random Thoughts from a CTO: 50 Beliefs about Projects Even if you don’t agree with […]