My Party Photo

My first picture … taken with my phone. I actually sent it to myself as MMS because I was finally sick of waiting till I am going to buy a bluetooth usb device to be able to send pictures to my harddrive the cheap way. So here’s the quality picture I had. It was taken… Continue reading My Party Photo

LoTR and Chocolate

In Germany there is something named Kinderueberraschung or “children surprise egg”. Its mainly chocolate plus a surprise inside. For three years shortly before the movie starts, there have been figures of characters from Lord of the Rings in there. These figures are really nice, hand-painted and ideal for using them as fantasy gaming miniatures (well… Continue reading LoTR and Chocolate

Gaming Cookies

After the shopping indulgence I first did something I’ll post about after this and then I made some cookies. I decorated them as gamers would with “333”, “Fnord” and some pentagramms. It’s the recipe is that of the famous “Elisenlebkuchen” from Nürnberg. (2eggs+150g sugar, some spices like cinnamon, cardamom and carnation, some candied lemon peel… Continue reading Gaming Cookies

House bar

While moving the furniture in our living room around last week-end, I took some pictures. So here’s a nice view of our TV. (Which by the way is waaaaaay too big. But if someobdy is watching DVDs all the time, I guess it cannot be big enough)

As requested: the infamous family tree

Alkorithmus: Friends and Family This is the link to the ‘Alkorithmus Family Tree’ we created on New Year’s 2000. For the uninitiated: it is a compleltley fictional ‘genealogical tree’ of our friends …. some of the pictures aren’t so very nice but I did not have any others at the time.