New Year’s Resolution

New Year's (01-01)I made one. Actually there were two, but #1 is to eat healthier which is something I am trying to do constantly – except around Christmas – so it doesn’t really count.

So my one and only New Year’s Resolution is to take at least one photo a day and upload them to flickr. To that purpose I made a set for those photos and so far I have been following through with a picture a day.

I am hoping that by the end of the year I’ll have 365 interesting fotos to look back on and I also hope that I will have learned a bit about photography through this project.

Our garden


I have already spent a lot of time in our little garden. It is really small with about 60m² and less if you substract the terrace. Still I have managed to plant a lot of plants.

If all goes well we’ll not only have a lot of fresh herbs and a few beautiful flowers but tomatoes, zucchini, a few peppers, shallots, garlic and pumpkins. If it goes even better we’ll have some fruit besides the veggies: strawberries, apples and red currants. Everything is very experimental but it would be so cool to have a small harvest of homegrown veggies and fruit.

Homemade Ice Cream

Maple Walnut Ice Cream & Dulce de Leche I have started making ice cream more often. It is still not as  scoopable as commercial stuff but I know what’s in it and that makes it taste so much better. I can make flavors that I want …

This one was my first try. Maple Walnut. With walnuts from my parents’ garden.


Dents du Midi, SunsetWe are back from vacation. Like last year we went skiing to Les Crosets in Switzerland. This year nobody got hurt and nobody had to return home to work. We had good skiing conditions most of the time. For those interested I put up some pictures on flickr: Les Crosets 2008.

Tomorrow it’s back to work.

Productivity Help Online

I have started to manage a lot of things through the web and was on the lookout for a good online “todo list” application. So when I saw the Reader Poll: Best Online To-do List Manager? on Lifehacker, I had hopes to find something good. Admittedly at first I only checked out the two services with the most votes: Remember the Milk and Todoist. But when I started writing the article I made an account on every single one of the services mentionned in the poll. So what’s below the cut? Screenshots, links and mini reviews – strongly opinionated – of all the different todolist managers. If you’re lazy jump to the conclusion now.
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i has no more food

Pink ChampagneNope this not a diet. There will however be no more articles in the Tasty Bytes category.

Despite this being the end of the category, it’s something (kind of) to celebrate – that’s what the champagne on the left is for. I have finally made a food blog of my own. So now I have a place that I can flood with food links, pictures, cookbook mentions and recipes: I present Fuzzy Cooking.

So more space for my food hobby.

I also decided to write the food articles in German from now on. I cannot seem to focus on one language for this blog and I notice that my recipes are a bit more accurate in German.


PreiseAlso wir sind jetzt Experten – für Duschkabinen. Wir waren gestern in 2 Baumärkten und haben uns dann im 2. (Bahr) auch beraten lassen. Der nette Verkäufer hat uns bestimmt 40 Minuten die Vorzüge und Nachteile verschiedener Typen von Duschkabinen erklärt … und man muss sagen, er war nicht schlecht, er hat es sogar geschafft uns – ohne das wir direkt was gesagt haben – unseren ungefähren Preisrahmen aus der Nase zu ziehen. Nicht das wir vor gestern gewusst hätten wie teuer so ein Teil ist. Vor allem wenn es nicht aus Plastik sein soll – die komplette Familie hat uns zu Glas geraten, aber ansonsten sind sie auch alle keine Experten fürs Duschen.

Aktueller StandWir haben jetzt 3 dicke Kataloge und ca. 15 Modelle, die in Frage kommen in je 5 verschiedenen Ausführungen … oder so. Ach ja 4 Wochen Lieferzeit 🙁

Für alle die der momentane Packstand interessiert: der Stapel da vor der Heizung – bis auf die Müllkiste im Vordergrund – ist aus der Küche und das ist noch nicht mal alles. In der Küche fährt noch genug rum, dass mind. 1 Kiste voll wird sowie meine Küchenmaschine (zu schwer), mein gusseiserner Wok (zu schwer) und unser grosser Bräter (hab ich erwähnt: zu schwer).

Am Mittwoch (also morgen) wird die Spülmaschine ein letztes Mal laufen und jetzt grade läuft die letzte Waschmaschine.

Aber laut diversen Checklisten aus dem Internetz habe ich nichts wichtiges auf unserer Todoliste vergessen und die Anzahl zu erledigender Kleinigkeiten schrumpft kontinuierlich.

Nur den Besuch in unserem Keller habe ich noch immer nicht gemacht. Wenn ich es tue gibts Photos.