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  • new mmos

    Tabula Rasa has an open beta out. Many mmos coming out next year, will there be one to end the reign of WoW? (via Tobold) My bet is on WAR. What I know? It will dent our guild membership, unless we make the jump and try it together. Not that I care overly much. My […]

  • Spore!

    I never thought this would get finished, but here we are. The review only speaks about the start of the game and as the reviewer decided to start in cell-form he didn’t get too far. Spore PC Preview, Spore Preview Spore is finished. That’s the first thing I learn as I head in to my […]

  • WoWHead sold

    Would you sell out? If it meant I could quit my job … I guess I would. WoWHead used to be the last WoW database that did not belong to Affinity Media – former owners of IGE, the largest gold selling company there is. Now Affinity Media has sold IGE and bought WoWHead. Wowhead: World […]

  • Lord of the Rings Online

    After reading yet another rather extensive three part review of LotRO I am not so sure anymore about not trying the game. Here’s one of the key-quotes from the review that made me re-think: I’ve called it WoW for adults and I think that still holds true at least while we’re in the beta. Its […]

  • To raid or not to raid

    We always said we would not be a raiding guild. We also said, that we would try the 20 man instances Zul Gurub and The Ruins of Ahn Qiraj. Those are raid instances. (Upper Blackrock Spire does NOT count as a true raid instance … much too easy!) What exactly makes a guild a “raiding […]

  • WoW and gold farmers

    As it happens we were discussing gold farming on the guild forum after one member posted a link to an article on gold farming. Some people were quite surprised that gold farming (the wikipedia article cites most of the same sources I do actually *g*) was so common and such a big issue in our […]