Axis Deployment

Deploying an application to axis (“Axis of Evil”) is more complicated than one might think. First of course you need an application. Step 1: Compile your app and put it in a jar-file. Copy the jar-file to the %tomcat_home%/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/lib/. Step 2: Now you need to generate a WSDL spec from your code. Use Java2Wdsl for… Continue reading Axis Deployment

Festivals 2003

Wacken Open Air 31.07. – 02.08.2003 – hey it’s the week after my birthday :-). Here is the list of bands playing. There is also a page up for the Graspop Festival in Belgium. But there are no bands up yet. It is FRIDAY 4 – SATURDAY 5 JULY 2003. Empty bandslist as of now.

Lovecraft Spam tells of a very interesting nigeria spamming experience. I posted this some time ago on one of our mailinglists. And more to come: Yet another weirdo link. The Mondo Minishow is kind of grosse. Another – more recent funny – was this here “Die Sendung mit der Maus”

Linux Printing

After finally getting my printer to work, I see what a nice tool the cups system is. It was easy too install to at least on my debian machine 🙂 Anyhow afterwards I found something even nicer. “a2ps” which I would call like this: a2ps files -2 -A fill –borders=off –line-numbers=5 [-C] –medium=A4 -o… Continue reading Linux Printing

Secret Diaries

Secret Diaries. This is yet another stupid link I post, but it is really funny. Secret diaries for Lord of the Rings. All I can say is: “Still not king.” I am waiting for the second part. “If he tries anything, Sam will kill him!”

Whimsy Cards

This was discussed on the UA Mailinglist, and I found some corresponding websites. Whimsy Card List I think these cards are a nice idea and can be a game enhancement. It is kind of similar to the Universalis system which we might playtest sometime soon, if the rulebook owner ever finds enough people who have… Continue reading Whimsy Cards

Apache Axis

I have been trying to deploy a soap service to axis all day. It is not working at all, first I generated a wsdl description for a client instead of a deployment descriptor now I fixed that and I generated a nice new fresh deploy.wsdd (the -s flag on the wsdl2java does that for you)… Continue reading Apache Axis

My old rants

In the olden day when all was better and I had more time I used to write up some of my thoughts on my homepage without some fancy tool: old rants