Creating the outline

For the past two weeks I’ve been struggling to come up with an idea for my NaNoWriMo project. While I feel like I am not doing well with outlines I am not a pure discovery writer either. I need to have some idea and some world building to get started with any story. Child of… Continue reading Creating the outline

Tonight and now

I am writing in the past tense. I keep running into the same issue. Do I write “Tonight my mind was distracted, …” or do I write “That night, my mind was distracted, …” or simply “My mind was distracted, …” The same goes for “Now, however, I was really scared.” I could just as… Continue reading Tonight and now

Starting the Novel

This Monday I started writing on the big project. Codename: Transmitten. This time writing is very different: first I already know that this will be much longer than Child of Ceres (current estimate is around 90-100k words for the first draft). And, additionally, I have a more or less complete outline planned out. Of course… Continue reading Starting the Novel

The Prequel Problem

When I decided to finally start writing for real instead of just talking about it, I wanted to start with a small challenge and decided to write a short story. For some reason I had real trouble working out something I wanted to write about and so decided to write something based in the same… Continue reading The Prequel Problem

Inspiring Books

Writer’s first rule: read a lot. And so I have always done – on average 1 book a week in the last few years. I usually devour the books I read quickly. These days I read mostly genre fiction in my favorite genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy. When I look for more books to… Continue reading Inspiring Books

On Writing

I have always wanted to write. My blog is proof of that. But in the last few years, I’ve not written many articles. Maybe, because I felt it was not interesting to anybody, or maybe because I thought it might be too interesting to the wrong people. So rather more than less I quit posting… Continue reading On Writing