Never say

“You’re drunk!” or ask a woman “Are you drunk?” or “You’re in such a high spirits today, did you drink something?”

Really I cannot imagine the woman who wouldn’t be furious at the assumption that her good mood might come from a drink or two and it really does not matter whether it’s true or not.

I guess this is the part where this “men don’t understand women” thing kicks in. Men just don’t get it. I have quite often been asked this question or heard another woman asked the question, and just look at her face at that moment and you know you made a mistake. I am sure that 90% of the men don’t want to be mean asking that question, they just don’t know any better.

I have often been asked to give advice to men concerning women, well here’s one bit of advice: Never ask a woman wether she is drunk and never treat her as if she were drunk, no matter how drunk she really is.

Liv Tyler vs. Kate Moss

Mac says at go fish : I love Gwar, I just have to send a “me too”.

Basically it seems like Liv Tyler was told, she would get more roles if she lost weight and she said she liked the way she was. Makes me view Liv Tyler in a new light. I think she’s very beautiful. The guys kept yawning when she was on screen in LoTR I and II, so what. But that didn’t have anything to do with her looks I am sure, rather they disagreed with her role being changed from the book. Also they resented that the scenes she had were rather low on action and high on romance. Yes, 25-year-olds are still just big children.

Every time I see an actress that does not look like she hasn’t been eating lately, it makes me a little bit happier. Don’t know wether anything has changed but Kate Moss to me always represented all the bad propaganda about the looks of women. I believe Hollywood, TV, advertising, the press and all those who make clothes for women that will barely fit girls have too much power over how women perceive themselves and are abusing it to enforce a picture of women I cannot embrace.

And the guys don’t really prefer the slim, skinny, non-eating types either.

Der kleine Unterschied

Die 46 wichtigsten ‘kleinen’ Unterschiede

Weinen: Frauen weinen fünfmal so oft wie Männer, meistens zwischen 19 und 22 Uhr

Glaube keiner Statistik die du nicht selber gefaelscht hast. Wobei manches sicherlich wahr ist.

Am interessantesten fand ich, dass Frauen oefters weinen und vor allem zwischen 19 und 22 Uhr. Das kommt ganz klar von den vielen Serien und Pilcher Filmen die um die Zeit in der Glotze laufen.


On The Weblog Review I found a review of this site I will survive by a woman with breast cancer. I should not have read it. It is surely a good site and all that but now I am depressed.

I am reading women

I just noticed – maybe inspired by to think more about women geeks – how I among the blogs I read regularly there are mostly women:

go fish
one girls life

and of course misbehaving. I really like the articles posted on misbehaving though I usually do not have the time to read them. I am also reading some blogs by men but those are rare and I don’t quite enjoy most of them as much. Either by chance I never stumbled upon any worthwile blogs by men or maybe subconsciously I chose to ignore them. Whatever for completeness and because my blogroll is never updated anyway here are my favorite blogs by men:

dive into mark

LotR and women

Actually kasia is writing down the speech I have given before in kasia in a nutshell: Lord of the Rings movies and maturing of the female species, except that I neglected the really young ones and the really old ones and only said that when I was younger (geez I am not that old) I tended to favor the Legolas-types and now it’s more Aragorn.

I know this from other movies too. The Patriot (Mel Gibson) is one such example. Though the funny thing is that some actors I have always favored … I mean Mel Gibson wasn’t quite the Legolas-type when I was younger but he always had those blue eyes …

But what really got to me was when we looked up JJohnny Depp‘s age on imdb. That guy is 40 years old! I didn’t believe it until I saw it. Of course I remembered 21 Jump Street just like everyone else did, but whow where did he go from there. I never noticed until Pirates of the Caribean what a huge number of really cool movies he was in: Once upon a time in Mexico and Pirates of the Caribbean are just the latest two. From Hell, Chocolat, Sleepy Hollow, Ninth Gate, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are just those that I have seen and I liked every one of those movies.