Never say

“You’re drunk!” or ask a woman “Are you drunk?” or “You’re in such a high spirits today, did you drink something?” Really I cannot imagine the woman who wouldn’t be furious at the assumption that her good mood might come from a drink or two and it really does not matter whether it’s true or… Continue reading Never say

20 pounds of curves

Again Mac posted an article on women and weight go fish : Voluptuous vs. concave, and still I cannot post comments to her site. Renee Zellweger before and after I just think everyone should take a good look at those pictures and guess in which she looks healthier and happier. Not to say that being… Continue reading 20 pounds of curves

Playmate Statistics

Wether it fits this category, you decide: Playboy Centerfolds, The Decades via Dispatches From Revland. He says they are beautiful. I find them – well interesting for one and I think you can still recognize the bad hair of previous decades 😉

Der kleine Unterschied

Die 46 wichtigsten ‘kleinen’ Unterschiede Weinen: Frauen weinen fünfmal so oft wie Männer, meistens zwischen 19 und 22 Uhr Glaube keiner Statistik die du nicht selber gefaelscht hast. Wobei manches sicherlich wahr ist. Am interessantesten fand ich, dass Frauen oefters weinen und vor allem zwischen 19 und 22 Uhr. Das kommt ganz klar von den… Continue reading Der kleine Unterschied


On The Weblog Review I found a review of this site I will survive by a woman with breast cancer. I should not have read it. It is surely a good site and all that but now I am depressed.

I am reading women

I just noticed – maybe inspired by to think more about women geeks – how I among the blogs I read regularly there are mostly women: – kasia – go fish – lllusionaire – one girls life – jill/txt – megnut and of course misbehaving. I really like the articles posted on misbehaving though… Continue reading I am reading women

LotR and women

Actually kasia is writing down the speech I have given before in kasia in a nutshell: Lord of the Rings movies and maturing of the female species, except that I neglected the really young ones and the really old ones and only said that when I was younger (geez I am not that old) I… Continue reading LotR and women