Insight Outside

Or is it inside out? That’s sushi. Work is not sushi – most of the time – however it is giving me interesting insights. Nothing I can post of course. Haha. Had you there for a second, didn’t I? There’s some insight for you. I am learning new things every day. Mostly from mistakes –… Continue reading Insight Outside

Schlechtes Gewissen?

Ich stieg im 2. Stock in den Fahrstuhl um in den Keller zu fahren. Ich dachte: “Für 3 Stockwerke, das lohnt ja kaum!” Im 1. Stock stieg jemand zu, der ins Erdgeschoss wollte.


For you it is drama. Something to fuss about. For me it is just another moskito bite I am trying to ignore. You are like the child crying for help without cause. One day … nobody will come running.

Is it friday?

This is what happens when somebody accidentally adds the complete company to some mailinglist and writes a “Test” mail to that list. All in all it was about 60+ mails that everybody received until the wave of office spam was stopped. Of course it took a technical intervention to achieve this, once the trolls are… Continue reading Is it friday?

Lachen ist gesund

Deutschland mag Tom Cruise nicht? Lol. Banning Tom Cruise – Featured on BuzzFeed Germany hates Tom Cruise and bans him from making a movie. It’s not the first time Germany has discriminated against a religious minority. But for some reason, the idea of an entire country turning against Tom Cruise is just so much funnier… Continue reading Lachen ist gesund

Fundstück: Doppelkekstest

Gefunden auf der alten Homepage, fand ich es wert dieses lustige Stück Text mal wieder neu aufzulegen *G* Der Ultimative Doppelkekstest 1998Tester: Yashima ( Uebersicht | Wertung | Kommentar ) Seit der Geburt der ersten Prinzenrolle sind inzwischen Taghunderte vergangen. Im Zuge der Evolution der Nahrungsmittel konnte sich dieser leicht kruemlige Keks jedoch behaupten, da… Continue reading Fundstück: Doppelkekstest