Is it friday?

wasting timeThis is what happens when somebody accidentally adds the complete company to some mailinglist and writes a “Test” mail to that list.

All in all it was about 60+ mails that everybody received until the wave of office spam was stopped. Of course it took a technical intervention to achieve this, once the trolls are out it is hard to stop them.

I am guessing that there are some more mails going out to those who are still on that list now.

Delicious Spam?

Actually I do not know any kind of spam that is delicious. But today I saw spam for the first time.

I was looking for items tagged with “ruby” (oh yes I decided to check out ruby for my latest “will never get done”-project) because I had to kill my memory-eating browser which was open with all the nice links Psycho posted in his ruby series and I was to lazy to search for his blog the post etc. (which I am now doing anyway as you can see).

I thought delicious would be faster … just type ./tag/ruby and I would be there. Only then I noticed that all the top-links began with “Top 30 Ruby XYZ” and all those were also linked by 222 other people. I am rather sure that is no accident but spam.
So here I am wasting time ranting about spam instead of learning ruby. I was just to surprised at yet another service being abused by spammers. Does anyone know wether has any spam protection built in? Is anyone controlling the users?

Sorry, we’re closed

I’ll close comments regularly on old posts now. Because I am sick sick sick of spam comments and sick of updating my kill list every day. This is worse than email spam. Just a few statistics to show you how sick I am of spammers: there are at least 10 swear words missing from the rest of the post because I (barely) managed to censor myself.
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Info spammers

Maybe you didn’t know yet – but I just studied my referer logs (safely hidden away behind passwords or at least I hope safely hidden away …) – well and I have about a thousand hits from different referers all .info domains trying to give me “loans” to pay my “mortagage” or win tons of money with “online poker” or tell me about “refinancing”, “credits” or “credit fraud” or “digital cameras” or “online flower sending” … all from .info domains. The favorite spammers’ top-level domain. How did that happen?

Sadly, I think as there are solutions creeping up the horizon to finish with email spam once and for all, the spammers have found refuge in the possiblitites the WWW has to offer … spamming my comments, spamming my referer logs …. except maybe they just cannot be as successfull because many many people have email and are not really tech-savy. Your own homepage or commenting feature just requires a little more knowledge and maybe this goes hand in hand with being intelligent enough not to follow the spammers to their den????

Spam spam spam spam

I rarely get any real comments which is sad because sometimes I’d like feedback but I know there are few who read the blog so it doesn’t really matter. The last few days or even weeks I’ve had hundreds of spam comments most of which have been caught by the nice filtering wordpress does. Some get through every day lately as the spammers learn my filtering rules. Not that it matters, I delete everything it only takes a couple minutes and I adapt my filters.

If you post a regular comment that does not appear on the page after you hit submit, I might delete it along with the dozens of spam comments I get all the time, I am really sorry if I ever delete one of the few normal comments I get but I just cannot guarantee that. I just thought I’d whine some about the spam problem which is worse on my blog than in my email inbox 🙁

Funny spam

The attempt to personalize the message made it all the more funny:

One million housewives waiting for you, sonja!

If only they’d bother to build in a filter for female names, I might get less spam. I mean come on: imagine the lesbian housewive lover! Well, if they exist, I am not one of them 😉

Dear Spammers

In case you didn’t know: wordpress supports nice filtering options which are easily configurable. I don’t take well to getting 235 spam comments within a couple of hours. If ever anyone decides to really offer bounties for the heads of the likes of you: I’ll be there to hunt!!!! In case you didn’t notice: all your stupid comments got caught, deleted and you are now blacklisted!!! Go cry or better stop spamming me.

Philosophical spam

[The cancer] has defiled all forms of medicine …

Yet another instance of the Nigeria Scam but this time with a philosophical touch. Has cancer really … ?

Spam of Fun

spoke the spammer and sent out some weirdness. Anders Jacobsen was spammed.


Make Your Cöck A Weapon


Did I mention, I didn’t laugh outloud each day? I am done for today.

Referer Spam – Again

I am being hit by a wave of referer spam …. I wonder what these people think? My stats pages aren’t public and their urls don’t show up anywhere. And weird urls they have. (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) “” (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)

(the numbers are the hits I received from that page)