MT Plugins

I used to install movable type plugins from the directory. Now there is something much nicer even thought the plugin manager is still a beta it seems to work nicely. On top of that it was very easy to install. The first thing I did was to remove some unused plugins that were floating around… Continue reading MT Plugins

500: Internal Server Error

It seems like someone is having trouble with their website. Maybe I can help: go fish : Being dramatic always helps. A 500 error usually happens when the ‘programs/scripts …’ that are executed when a page is requested fail unrecoverably, for example Java Exceptions or any errors in a perl script that cause furhter execution… Continue reading 500: Internal Server Error

Daniel’s new page

Too bad he isn’t using movable type for his blog Daniel’s world – News Archive. The page is rather large, maybe that’s why it took him so long to get it up. There are roleplaying materials, recipes (some by me!), a blog, downloads and some stuff from his computer science studies. Most of it is… Continue reading Daniel’s new page

Helpful Categories

I noticed how helpful the categories of a blog are. For some time I tried to do with very few categories for whatever reason. I didn’t blog a lot despite being very happy with the design. But many things just didn’t fit and it seemd they had no place on the blog. Now I am… Continue reading Helpful Categories

MT Templates

Today I decided to re-organize my different blogs like the Dsa Log, this one and a bunch of others which I all run on one movable type installation on my homepage. I kept copying templates from one blog to another and I wanted the different css stylesheets to be compatible so I could use them… Continue reading MT Templates

meta blogging

I keep seeing blogs that use some kind of ‘feature’ so here’s my personal list of weblog-links that are not blogs themselves: Blog Portals and Directories Weblogs Compendium – Blog Hosting The Weblog Review | weblog and blog reviews BLOGWISE – Blog Directory and Weblog Research The Microcontent News Blogging Software Roundup – Part One… Continue reading meta blogging

Inspirational Blogs

I did not link to her before but actually kasia inspired me to start my own blog, she has written how she found out that someone else was also inspired by her blog: kasia in a nutshell: Blog self-indulgence. I have been keeping my own homepage since 1996 but regular updates were very hard to… Continue reading Inspirational Blogs

Blogging for Freedom?

Heise News-Ticker: Blogger sagen ihre Meinung Basically “heise” says that bloggers have become an important part of the media because they do not have to follow the agenda of a large company.