You remember that game where you were supposed to whisper a phrase to a person, and then that person told the next and so on until in the end the last person had to speak some absurdity outloud? We’re still playing or should I say again? do you want fries with that became flying food… Continue reading Flüsterpost

More wiki stuff

I have now even managed to integrate my WikiHome with my blog 🙂 I can now use Wiki Words inside my blog like UnknownArmies, DasSchwarzeAuge etc.. At the moment the wiki has mostly information about RollenSpiel (roleplaying games).

Thoughts on Comments

Megnut writes on the much abused or disused – depending on blog popularity – commenting feature in her post On comments and weblogs. She advocates a bit more thought and flexibility in the use of the commenting feature. I have thought about it before but usually – hoping for any feedback at all 🙂 –… Continue reading Thoughts on Comments

Alex’ Blog

Another friend of mine has started his own blog now at snoblind. He is using nucleus. Reading the featurelist of nucleus it seems it has the exact same features as movable type. But he said “not everyone needs to use mt” so maybe he’s just keen on being different 😛 We’ll have to wait and… Continue reading Alex’ Blog

Blogging at work

Daniel noticed right away how I am back to blogging now that I am back to work. It’s just that I have a lot less time when I am on vacation. There is always so much to do. At work blogging takes the place other people use for ‘smoke breaks’ … During my vacation I… Continue reading Blogging at work

Happy Holidays

We’re about to leave for the family. Each for their parents today, tomorrow his parents, the 26th my parents. I wish everyone save and happy holidays. I’ll be back late on the 26th to write about the tons of food we ate, what the family says and all the presents we got. Note how the… Continue reading Happy Holidays

Tiny Blog

See down there on the right? It’s my tiny list blog. I have wanted to do that for a long time and today I figured out how to…. with ssi. The complete blog generates only one file which is included in my sidebar. And can you imaginethe funatinserting spaces aftertypingasentence? Right. I am quitting. So… Continue reading Tiny Blog


Not only the name of the new Ozzy song – he’s breathing again or so I read … Daniel made some and is now using movable type. I’d trackback him but he turned that off. I’d have liked to send an ‘I told you so!” 😛 I made some too. I totally forgot but Daniel… Continue reading Changes

MGG Blog

So hier ist er der Weblog zum Jahrgang Cannabisuendesein 96 Weblog. Noch nichts besonderes, aber ich mache mich jetzt mal auf die Suche nach weiteren Adressen. Die Mailingliste existiert ab sofort.

More than 7 years ago

… I graduated. Now I am making a homepage for our class at Durlach MGG Abitur 1996. If you graduated in 1996 in Durlach, you can contact me here or at the eMail Address I posted there. Around Christmas I will be starting a mailing list for all those interested in finding out what happened… Continue reading More than 7 years ago