More on wordpress

I have taken a good look at wordpress and it looks like a very neat tool. So I must admit that Alex was right. But one and a half years ago when I started blogging movable type looked like the best alternative around. So I started with that and since I am lazy (and to… Continue reading More on wordpress


I am currently experimenting with wordpress …. go take a look. The original daily delusions will stay here for the time being until I have figured out wether I want to switch. WordPress has some nice features and is missing some I am used to or is there multiple blog support? Right now I am… Continue reading WordPress

Free vs. Costly

A few days ago Six Apart announced the licensing plan for the new Movable Type 3.0. I first read about it at burning bird where Shelley wrote a series of articles about her move away from movable type. Today I read that Mark Pilgrim also moved to a new blogging software namely wordpress the one… Continue reading Free vs. Costly

Rss vs. eMail

No longer a problem. I just discovered bloglines email-subscriptions. Bloglines supplies you with a use-once eMail adress which you can use to subscribe to a mailinglist and then it’s just the same as if you were reading an rss-feed. Except: they have a web-mailer so you can mail from there as well. I only wonder… Continue reading Rss vs. eMail


Jan hat jetzt auch einen Blog: Der So-lange-mein-RZ-Account-noch-existiert Blog Willkomen in meinem Netztagebuch. Der Neid und der Nachahmungstrieb nagten in mir, so dass ich nicht widerstehen konnte. Als Experiment erkennbar, nenne ich diesen Blog “so-lange-mein-RZ-Account-noch-existiert”. Danach werde ich sehen, ob ich nicht schon das Interesse verloren habe … Dann hoffe ich mal, dass er viele… Continue reading Will-Auch-Blog

Memes and Games

I Am Pariah – The Memes List Looking for a meme for Monday? How about an interesting question for Thursday? There are plenty of Tuesdays. Did you know there are also several for Friday? Alex likes the Mutterings and I do, there is a lot more and someone even made a nice list of them,… Continue reading Memes and Games


LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings Sexy::Bikini Clique::Friends Pledge::Money Carbs::Evil Dream Job::Writer Sweeps::Traps Soundtrack::Kill Bill Hero::Movie Shave::Legs Christina::Aguilera

Mutter:: Mumble

Elastic::pants Intervention::USA Risk::game Junk food::grosse Arrogance::I might be perceived as Responsibility::family X::rated Marshall::plan Kill::Bill Brother::where art thou Week 64 Seems I always do them on Monday?

Why do I need footnotes?

I am not sure I need any footnotes. But maybe once I have them I will need them[1]. Patrick installed the textile plugin for mt, and now I need it as well.

Delusional Mutterings

Virginia:: Woolf Soft:: ice Carol:: line Vanity:: Fair Feminist:: Alice Schwarzer Alias:: anti Coward:: bravery Beer:: Wolf (local brewery) Chance:: luck Honest:: to goodness Go to play unconscious mutterings.