Evil Massssster Satire

Via blognroll I found Bill Gates’ blog. I nearly fell for it, after all there have been a few articles lately that he’ll put up his own blog pretty soon and the link on blognroll looked rather “serious”: I must say that I am happy to join you in using this interesting brand new technique… Continue reading Evil Massssster Satire

it’s in his title

pesky’apostrophe (former “go fish”) relates the story how a certain vice-president cursed his political opponents using the evil f-word. So politicians are only human after all? Have fun reading that one. Quite incredible, I should have thought if you get that far you would be able to restrain yourself? Says a lot about where politics… Continue reading it’s in his title

Better a blog than spammers

On to more google bombing: this time it seems there is a price involved an ipod. So Nigritude Ultramarine is the key to all this. This is a comopetition who has the highest google rank after 2 months or so on a previously not listed search phrase. Whatever “Nigritude Ultramarine” is supposed to mean. There… Continue reading Better a blog than spammers

WordPress inside-out

I got the dsablog working again. I re-installed the a completely new wordpress (and lost the acronyms I made in the process) and now you can log in again. I have no idea what went wrong. Much cooler: I made my first wordpress plugin. I copied nearly everything from the acronym replacer plugin and now… Continue reading WordPress inside-out

No blogging

Just don’t try to login at dsablog, edit: this one has been repaired renunciation I’ve broken them and cannot repair it for the time being. I’ll fix it tonight or on the week-end.

Don’t you dare laugh

I made the the inofficial newgods blog, everybody can register. But you can only post if I let you. I am not going to post, I have this place. But those of you[1] that don’t have a blog and feel the need to publish something and there’s no fitting mailing-list or you want more permanence… Continue reading Don’t you dare laugh


Something I particularly like about WP so far is the really easy plugin architecture (at least in the beta release candidate I am running). I just installed the acronym plugin which would replace HTML with a neat acronym tag and explanation. I just needed to make the file executable, copy to the plugin dir and… Continue reading Plugins

My use of MT

So how do/did I use MT. I am running the Daily Delusions blog which consists of the main blog plus 2 separate blogs used for links and smaller snippets. This blog has a second author: my boy-friend. I am also running a blog for one of my roleplaying campaigns which has a total of 6… Continue reading My use of MT


Okay, so I have done it. I have put up a .htaccess redirecting everybody from the old mt blog to the new url with the wordpress installation. I couldn’t wait. Not everything is as before but many things are there. One more question: extended entries? How does that work? They imported flawlessly. But how do… Continue reading Done

I think I am moving

I have tried and I think I can get everything to work. Thanks for the comments and answers 🙂 I might not be able to do it all today … Here’s a “moving from movable” todo list for wordpress (some others have written tutorials but this is specifically for me): install (latest) version of wordpress… Continue reading I think I am moving