i has no more food

Pink ChampagneNope this not a diet. There will however be no more articles in the Tasty Bytes category.

Despite this being the end of the category, it’s something (kind of) to celebrate – that’s what the champagne on the left is for. I have finally made a food blog of my own. So now I have a place that I can flood with food links, pictures, cookbook mentions and recipes: I present Fuzzy Cooking.

So more space for my food hobby.

I also decided to write the food articles in German from now on. I cannot seem to focus on one language for this blog and I notice that my recipes are a bit more accurate in German.

Bloglines Beta

Gerade auf Lifehacker gesehen … es gibt ein neues Bloglines mit viel Ajax und Features. Mal kurz durchgeklickt und es sieht ziemlich schick aus. Da kommt Freude auf 🙂 Zwischenzeitlich war ich schon auf Googlereader umgestiegen, werde mir nun aber wohl die Mühe machen meine Feeds auf Bloglines wieder zu aktualisieren.

Wieder da

Nach einer sehr sehr langen Blogpause bin ich wieder da.

Verschiedene Gründe haben mich davon abgehalten …. zu allem Überfluss, war ich nicht nur nicht am bloggen, sondern leider auch komplett offline mit dem Blog. Wer mich also mal in Bloglines hatte, möge mich neu subscriben, da Bloglines kaputte Feeds leider nach einer Weile rauswirft.

Ich werde versuchen mich wieder regelmässig hier mit Updates zu melden auch wenn mich diverse andere Aktivitäten davon abhalten wollen (mehr dazu in weiteren Posts).

Nightly Automation

Because I am lazy and because I like testing new features and because this blog has few visitors I am now running on the current nightly build and I made a script that updates to the latest nightly build in about 10 seconds. Take care: I tested it and it works for me, but neither can I guarantee this is not breaking anything nor can the wordpress people guarantee what happens to your blog when you are running on alpha version …. which reminds me to get myself a backup of the blog along with each update 😉
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Spam spam spam spam

I rarely get any real comments which is sad because sometimes I’d like feedback but I know there are few who read the blog so it doesn’t really matter. The last few days or even weeks I’ve had hundreds of spam comments most of which have been caught by the nice filtering wordpress does. Some get through every day lately as the spammers learn my filtering rules. Not that it matters, I delete everything it only takes a couple minutes and I adapt my filters.

If you post a regular comment that does not appear on the page after you hit submit, I might delete it along with the dozens of spam comments I get all the time, I am really sorry if I ever delete one of the few normal comments I get but I just cannot guarantee that. I just thought I’d whine some about the spam problem which is worse on my blog than in my email inbox 🙁

Blogging Policy?

After reading how somebody was fired for blogging, I keep wondering what policy about blogging we have here? I guess for now there is none. Still from the beginning I have tried to not write anything specific on my blog. There is a policy on “public posting on forums” though. I know several of my colleagues are reading this blog every once in a while and one can find out where I work easily from my homepage.