i has no more food

Pink ChampagneNope this not a diet. There will however be no more articles in the Tasty Bytes category.

Despite this being the end of the category, it’s something (kind of) to celebrate – that’s what the champagne on the left is for. I have finally made a food blog of my own. So now I have a place that I can flood with food links, pictures, cookbook mentions and recipes: I present Fuzzy Cooking.

So more space for my food hobby.

I also decided to write the food articles in German from now on. I cannot seem to focus on one language for this blog and I notice that my recipes are a bit more accurate in German.

Wieder da

Nach einer sehr sehr langen Blogpause bin ich wieder da.

Verschiedene Gründe haben mich davon abgehalten …. zu allem Ãœberfluss, war ich nicht nur nicht am bloggen, sondern leider auch komplett offline mit dem Blog. Wer mich also mal in Bloglines hatte, möge mich neu subscriben, da Bloglines kaputte Feeds leider nach einer Weile rauswirft.

Ich werde versuchen mich wieder regelmässig hier mit Updates zu melden auch wenn mich diverse andere Aktivitäten davon abhalten wollen (mehr dazu in weiteren Posts).

Quit your job

Via Webmasterblog and Wired News: Quit Your Job to Blog, Blog, Blog comes this:

“If you’re incredibly talented on a certain topic and people value your work than I guess it is possible. But probably not for many,” he said.

It’s about Jason Kottke, a well-known blogger, who has quit his job and is trying to make a living through his blog – without advertisements!

I hope it’ll be a success story a year from now.