My Blog is back

My server on which I hosted my email, websites, code repositories and so much more crashed back in June. I didn’t even notice until much later, because the emails that were supposed to tell me that one of the hard drives had died went into the spam folders both on my mail server and on… Continue reading My Blog is back

Status Update November

Since I never finished a draft for last year’s NaNoWriMo, I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year. It turned out that my lack of preparation really messed up the story. I am still working on it. So far I’ve written more than 220.000 words for the project less than half of which are in the… Continue reading Status Update November

Heading towards an Ending

// My novel got stuck for nearly a month due to reasons – a wonderful vacation in Scotland among them. But now I am back on track. As suggested by an early reader, I’ve added a short prologue detailing a few of the events just before the plot starts, hopefully clearing up a few confusing… Continue reading Heading towards an Ending

Cylon Writing

Like the Cylons I finally have a plan. The project I am working on which was originally titled “Mind Bleed” and was started in October/November 2014 for the NaNoWriMo is still not finished. I had too little time to plan and that fact has come back twice to bite me. The original November draft came… Continue reading Cylon Writing

State of Writing

I just noticed that I didn’t update since finishing NaNoWriMo. Well, besides a six week trip to South-East Asia, I haven’t been idling. I spent a bit of time writing a few flash pieces on WriteOn. But for some reason I dropped out of that community. I let myself get too involved, and it started… Continue reading State of Writing

Flash Fiction: Sweet Sixteen

Every week-end there’s a writing prompt called “Week-end write in” on WriteOn. This week-end it was “imagine a dinner-party where a secret is revealed”. The challenge is to do this in 500 words. So here’s my entry for this week-end. It’s Cathy’s birthday and there is a surprise waiting for her.

NaNoWriMo Diary Continued

The ship’s journey diary of my NaNoWriMo Adventures (originally written on the WriteOn forums). Part One to be found here. I am currently at nearly 31k words and nearing the completion of Act 1 (of 3) Update: I managed to finish Act 1 today, stopping just short of 34k words. My average is back at… Continue reading NaNoWriMo Diary Continued