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Eilean Donan CastleMy cold lasted longer than anticipated and so I spent my days hoping we would not have to cancel our vacation. We are now back from our vacation to Lancaster – visiting friends – and Scotland. I have already uploaded a few pictures on flickr– more will follow shortly as I sort out the bad ones.

Just to refer back to my last post: still in Lancaster I shopped my first big souvenir: the works of Jane Austen in a nice little box, beautifully bound and just waiting for me there to pick them up.

I will – as soon as I have time – write more of the rest of our vacation.

Travel Equipment

Psycho suggested I could carry between 10-15kg for longer than a 10-minute-walk. So Here’s the equipment I plan to take and estimated weight of each component.

Backpack – 1kg (and that’s a light one!)
Camera – 1.5kg (that’s optimist)
My part of the tent – 1.5kg
Sleeping Bag – 1.5kg (that’s a pessimistic estimate)
1 extra pair of pants
1 short skirt
3 extra shirts
1 pullover/sweater
1 swimsuit
3+ pairs of socks
5 pairs of underwear
1 pair of warm warm underwear
1 scarf
1 hat
1 pair of sandals
1 belt
1 mobile phone
1 knife/leatherman
1 spoon
Inflatable Travel Pillow
Hostel Sheet

Vacation Plans

See I made a new category on the blog called ‘Travel’ because I am determined to not let another year go by without some exciting vacation outside of Karlsruhe – yeah that’s how far we got last year.

I found a few very inspiring pages about traveling lately that helped my determination grow:
– (via
– (via

We already have some ideas what we want to do and maybe even when. A lot of information is still needed and some equipment and …. I’ll be writing more soon.

Wait another year

We’re back from the skiing vacation.

Stats: 12 people – 3 cars- 3 apartments – 1 week – Les Collons, Altitude 1850m. Ca. 100 bottles of beer and 12 bottles of wine. Too little ham and cheese. Too many eggs. Frozen oranges and apples. A lot of baguette. Too little cheese mix for the fondue. The plastic bags were too thin. 4 km walk to Thyons 2000 and only a few minutes to go down. 5 people tried to kick me out of the ski-lift. Altitude of Mont Fort 3330 m. Lost my ‘hat’ (?). The snow was january-like the weather more march-y. Lot’s of chocolat chaud with Alex. Piste de l’ours about 8 times, Etherolla about 10 times, Trabanta countless times. Lost keys – 2. Tons of games but only Rage and Uno actually played a lot. Endless discussions about cars and computers. The most peaceful “Jugo” ever. Languages known to participants at least 7 (excluding anything to do with computers!). Lots of chilling and one cool snowboarder πŸ˜‰

Now the gizmo count:
– 5 laptops /that I know of/
– my guess is there were 10 digital cameras
– 0 analog cameras(?)
– one photo printer
– 10 mobile phones (including additional cameras)
– bunch of handhelds
– more devices πŸ™‚

Thx to everyone for the fun vacation. “Lustig viel gehabt Spass mit Fahren und Ski. Mach ‘nen Satz drauss!”

Donautal Camping

This week-end we spent camping in theDonau Valley with some friends. It was fun despite my mood being ruined by leaving late on Friday and the heat on Saturday. Saturday was just not my day. Getting burned by the sun doing nothing all day is just not quite the relaxation I was imagining. Anyhow the Sunday made up for that.

About half the people had come because they wanted to do some climbing (random climbing homepage slected …). On Sunday I finally asked if I could try …. my arms still hurt a bit but it was fun and I will probably try it again. Only problem with that sport is the expensive equipment.

And our new tent – which we bought a couple of weeks ago after having a lot of trouble deciding since there are few quality tests of tents on the net (here’s the one: – passed its first rainy-windy night …. We are both very content with the Arctis 3 by Tatonka.