Mike’s Message

Everyone I know – including me of course – liked “Bowling for Columbine”, now Michael Moore has written an “open letter” to George W. It was written on Monday March 17, you can find the original on his homepage Michael Moore.com : Mike’s Words : Mike’s Messages and there is a German translation at ntv.de… Continue reading Mike’s Message

Freedom Part II

For all those fans of “Bush”-ian politics yet another chapter of comedy Warblogging.com: This is Ridiculous In Short: Someone proposed a bill to allow families of soldiers from WWII who are buried in France to dig up the corpses and bring them to the US. Ridiculous does not quite catch it. Yesterday the German news… Continue reading Freedom Part II

Freedom Fries

There are a lot of articles appearing of course about Iraq and the USA. Here is one that really scares me. Propaganda-Feldzug: Die PR-Maschine der Bush-Krieger – Politik – SPIEGEL ONLINE. To read what appears to be a plan for complete world domination (Yes we keep joking about it) is frightening. I don’t believe that… Continue reading Freedom Fries