Mike’s Message

Everyone I know – including me of course – liked “Bowling for Columbine”, now Michael Moore has written an “open letter” to George W. It was written on Monday March 17, you can find the original on his homepage Michael Moore.com : Mike’s Words : Mike’s Messages and there is a German translation at ntv.de (which is really slow at the moment for whatever reason – maybe because the url was posted to spass@work?): Offener Brief von Michael Moore

Disinfopedia and Warpropaganda

I just saw a link to this page somewhere else (heise):
Disinfopedia Main Page – Disinfopedia

It looks very interesting especially so since I saw a documentary about the propaganda the Bush administration has used so far to gain public acceptance for Gulf War Redux.

There are articles about PR campaigns and think tanks as well as actual propaganda. We have heard about lots of this in the media before, just remember that Top Secret Report written by a student. There are tons and tons of groups and people involved in the gigantic PR-machine that is the government of the USA.

Oh and for a logo they have a pyramid with an eye in the center. FNORD.

Freedom Part II

For all those fans of “Bush”-ian politics yet another chapter of comedy Warblogging.com: This is Ridiculous

In Short: Someone proposed a bill to allow families of soldiers from WWII who are buried in France to dig up the corpses and bring them to the US.

Ridiculous does not quite catch it.

Yesterday the German news showed people emptying French wine onto the streets and destroying French cars with axes. The newsspeaker then mentionned that those people better not remember that the Statue of Liberty came from France too! American shop-owners are starting to ban French products.

Another thing: Amercians and their right of Free Speech are legendary …. and now there is a movement supposed to keep film roles from actors who speak out against war! I also read somewhere that a guy with a “Peace” T-Shirt was kicked out of a mall the other day.

Should I repeat the mantra you all know? AHSB ….

Freedom Fries

There are a lot of articles appearing of course about Iraq and the USA. Here is one that really scares me. Propaganda-Feldzug: Die PR-Maschine der Bush-Krieger – Politik – SPIEGEL ONLINE. To read what appears to be a plan for complete world domination (Yes we keep joking about it) is frightening. I don’t believe that there will not be a war now soon.

I have spoken with people around here and most everyone I ask thinks so. Most people don’t talk about wether war against Saddam is neccessary or not. Everyone talks about the politics of the Bush administration and how they think that is not ok. Maybe I am scared. I am. And I hear from what they say, that people are scared war could come to us, to Europe, to Germany. We are not that far away from everything. And now that we are ‘dissidents’ trying to interfere with the plans of the high and mighty who says that we won’t be next on the agenda to be pacified?

This one here looks more like a joke and is actually serious
Abgeordneten-Beschluss: Fritten hei├čen ab sofort “Freedom Fries” – Politik – SPIEGEL ONLINE. This one shows even more what kind of monstrosities are starting to happen. Reminds me of a sullen child somehow.

And here is one more page modeled after the “Sendung mit der Maus” a German TV-Show for children which tries to explain the world. Das ist der Herr Bush.