Category: mishaps

  • Master of the Buggeria

    Today is the day I finally encountered the “Master Bug” and it was so tiny … just one little keyword …. just a little bit too distinct. The database admin called me and said to take a look at the statistics, I was producing an enormous amount of IO activity at certain times. We tested […]

  • Credit Incarnate

    Well sure incarnate something just not money 😉 Rather chaos. Now that I have my tungs(ten) I was going to be organized and remember everything …. Since I have been wanting to apply for a credit card for some time I made an appointment with myself at the bank (!) and even managed to keep […]

  • Crawling back

    Before paying money I’ll do it. I’ll install windows again. I think winex sucks. Well probably not when you give those transgaming guys the bit of money. But on the other hand I am hoping to get into a cool beta test for a new mmorpg which would need windows anyhow. So what, it’ll probably […]

  • Class not found

    And I thought I had deleted the complete tool. This is a small tool which has been prone to errors from the start. It was not in the specification, so I had to program it in a hurry without a lot of thinking. First it was a buggy perl script than I converted it to […]

  • Testing Configuration

    Yet another error I will not repeat. first: I left in the testing configuration, for some reason I had written “null” instead of the parameter value for the identity-file to be used by my call to secure copy. second: this null value caused the secure copy to fail but only when run as cronjob because […]

  • Dreaming of Bugs

    The other night I was half-sleeping and all I could think of was “——- You are receiving this mail because: ——- You are the assignee for the bug, or are watching the assignee. You reported the bug, or are watching the reporter.” I have dreamed about computer games and all that weird stuff before. But […]

  • Mosquito Nights

    Well I was hunting them with the vacuum cleaner, because they are too quick for me to kill. I was hunting them everywhere. I left the vacuum cleaner in our bedroom to be able to hunt them as they appeared. Don’t do that. I am now sure that they got back out of the thing […]

  • Common errors

    My personal TOP10 of software development errors, ordered by how often these errors occur or how much time I have to spend to fix such a problem on average. Maybe I’ll be able to avoid some of these in the future. The evil thing is: I know how to fix these errors and even how […]

  • Moths & Maggots

    Sunday evening we started a big clean-up after having had moths (German: Lebensmittelmotten ) in the kitchen for some time. We had to throw a lot of things out: – flour – rooibush tea (was crawling … yak!) – noodles – old cookies – even some spices – cocoa – rice Here is a list […]