Ich warte stundenlang auf einen Rückruf und dann bin ich 2 Minuten lang aus dem Büro, weil ich was nachfragen muss und genau dann rufen die natuerlich auf meinem Handy an und offensichtlich ist der Klingelton immer noch nicht penetrant genug, dass ich ihn auf der anderen Seite des Ganges noch hören kann.

Und jetzt ist ununterbrochen besetzt. Grml.

Decision making processes

Accidental Hedonist – Food Envy

This is an unexplainable and crippling phenomenon that happens whenever going out to restaurants. Here is how it usually plays out, you spend minutes pouring over your menu asking your dining partner what he/she is having,what they think you should get and trying to decide what sounds the most appetizing.

Read all of it and then tell me it never happened to you and make me believe that.

It’s hard enough to decide what to eat just by considering what I would like at that moment. But if I am not alone … it becomes much more complex because the other person might just order precisely that one dish I was not so sure about …

I know it happens. I order the fish I was hoping for all vacation and then it’s some dry stuff that tastes like ash and Rolland has the nice steak that is the house specialty … oh geez … but I usually don’t eat off his plate while he is in the bath room …

Mistress of the Cluttered Closet

Yes that is me. I should take a picture of it tonight. Some of you would be shocked others probably not.

But I found this nice site that speaks truth on the topic. I already knew most of the advice contained in there. Except I hate throwing away perfectly good clothes that I am sure I will wear again one of these days …
10 Steps to a Happy Clothes Closet

The clothes closet is one of the least respected areas in the house. It’s often stuffed from floor to ceiling with clothing, briefcases, purses and shoes. Valuable clothing rod space has been taken over by vast armies of mismatched hangers. Books and magazines have managed to somehow sprout out of nowhere. Bed linens are mixed in with towels, umbrellas and shoes. You can barely see the floor. Before you know it, your closet has become clutter central!

I should just get a bigger closet ….


fc ist eine Abkürzung. Wird gerne mal beim chatten verwendet, vorrangig in WoW. Sie steht für “falscher channel” (immer diese Mischung aus English und Deutsch tztz!)

In dem ganzen Zock-Stress, zwischen Mobs, feindlichen Spielern und ca. 10 verschiedenen Chat-Kanälen kommt es doch häufiger mal vor, dass man sich vertippt und etwas statt mit /channelname mit 7channelname im falschen landet oder gleich als antwort auf ein Whisper beim falschen Empfänger.

Es gibt da eine wunderbare “r” (wie in reply, also antworten) Funktion mit dem man direkt dem letzten etwas zuflüstern kann, der einem etwas zugeflüstert hatte. Chattet man also mit mehreren Leuten gleichzeitig per Whisper, passiert es sehr sehr schnell, dass man aus Versehen die Empfänger vertauscht.

Zu meinem – zunächst nicht so – großen Amüsement gestern geschehen.

Da ich den Täter, der eigentlich das Opfer ist, hier nicht weiter blossstellen will, sei nur so viel gesagt: wenn man Unsinn schreibt, der aus dem Kontext gerissen echt übel klingt, sollte man wirklich gut aufpassen, wohin man das schickt.

Ums mit dem eigentlichen Empfänger zu sagen: lölchen.

Sorry, aber das musste sein.

Encoding trouble revisited

Searching on my blog for articles on encodings and how to deal with them will yield quite a few results.

As if there could be a project without encoding trouble. So I’ve been searching for the reason why unix diff finds differences where none are and those are of course caused by some funky encoding weirdness.

If I am lucky my single “good” blogpost on the topic will help me out because I can only reproduce the bug on a machine which does not really have locales configured. I really hope – I know one shouldn’t hope to fix bugs but just find the solution and fix them – that this is it.

But the exact same test acts different on 2 different deployments of my project. So maybe I’ll be done with that one soon.

Update: it’s definitely not simple trouble with locales …

Bad code?

There’s an article up on the Bile Blog with some interesting points about tomcat … well about one class in tomcat. It would be quite a hilarious read if we weren’t using tomcat everywhere:

The BileBlog

This code is so abysmally bad in fact that I know of at least one person (this is NOT a joke) who uses it in interviews, asks people to identify all the things wrong with it. These are potential employees who I’m sure would be paid a lot less than Craig or Remy, but had they the same coding ability, wouldn’t be allowed in. The whole thing would make a fine contribution to dailyWTF, I’m sure.

Adria vs Lago

Sometime in June I decided we definitely needed a real vacation this year not a bunch of “long” week-ends or weeks of staying home and “getting things done” in the apartment ….

Since I didn’t have time and nerve to plan a lot I tried to do a vacation that didn’t need any plans. We wanted to go to the sea and Adria sounded like a good choice. Rolland selected a few camp sites that sounded good, I bought a map, a travel guide and a small dictionnary, we packed the car and started.

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Guess the band

My neck is hurting. Quite awfully. Moving is not good at all. I knew that before … so now it’s your turn to guess which of the bands that were played on Saturday’s party (still surprised the neighbors didn’t call the police) is to blame:

a) Manowar
b) Abba
c) Both.

The correct answer is c) of course because Manowar came first *g* Yes so I am weird I like Manowar and Abba … Good party! To think that I’d rather stayed home …. second question which of the two bands will play on Earthshaker Festival next week-end? Nooo it’s not Abba 🙂

Yay it’s a bug

that was fixed in the M5 milestone release: which reminds me when using milestones always use the current eclipse milestone!

81724 [1.5] NullPointerException in FieldBinding.canBeSeenBy when using static import

Argl. Cost me at least one hour or more. Especially since it didn’t always happen just sometimes.