Seems like all my entries seem to be rants, I should add a new category “politics” but actually I never thought I would write so much about the war. Anyhow last night in the German news “Tagesschau” there was a commentary which is really worth watching: tagesschau.de : Weltweite Reaktionen auf die Rede von George… Continue reading Tagesschau

Graspop Update

GRASPOP 2003 Iron Maiden ironmaiden.com Stratovarius stratovarius.com/ Lacuna Coil lacunacoil.it/ Overkill wreckingcrew.com Type O Negative typeonegative.ne Murderdolls murderdolls.com/ Sepultura uol.com.br/sepultura/ Within Temptation within-temptation.com (page is internet explorer only!) Six Feet Under sfu420.com/ Sick of it all sickofitall.com Hatebreed hatebreed.com

Too many books

Now I saw something interesting on another blog which I have taken the occasional look at. BookCrossing – Home – FREE YOUR BOOKS!. I might actually consider using this, as I have just compiled a box of books I wanted to sell. I don’t need the money of selling those books so badly I would… Continue reading Too many books

Author Websites

And here is one more www.stuckradbarre.de One of his books was recently made into a movie: “Soloalbum” I am pretty curious about this movie and I hope I am not going to miss it because despite him having a very different worldview than I, I enjoyed all of his books a lot.

Fantasy Sagas

About two years ago I started reading lots of Fantasy books again. So here is a short overview what I read and what I liked. First there is the greate fantasay saga “Song of Ice and Fire”. The Author actually has a regularly updated homepage George R.R. Martin’s Official Website. Then there is Tad Williams… Continue reading Fantasy Sagas

Festivals 2003

Wacken Open Air 31.07. – 02.08.2003 – hey it’s the week after my birthday :-). Here is the list of bands playing. There is also a page up for the Graspop Festival in Belgium. But there are no bands up yet. It is FRIDAY 4 – SATURDAY 5 JULY 2003. Empty bandslist as of now.

My old rants

In the olden day when all was better and I had more time I used to write up some of my thoughts on my homepage without some fancy tool: old rants