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  • New Year’s Resolution

    I made one. Actually there were two, but #1 is to eat healthier which is something I am trying to do constantly – except around Christmas – so it doesn’t really count. So my one and only New Year’s Resolution is to take at least one photo a day and upload them to flickr. To […]

  • Für alle Abspanngucker

    Shrek III hat keinen Endgag. Keine Takeouts. Aber einen verdammt langen Abspann. “Woooo ist das Baby?” War ok für Sonntags abends. Laut Vorschau sollten wir öfters mal sneaken gehen denk ich.

  • Lachen ist gesund

    Deutschland mag Tom Cruise nicht? Lol. Banning Tom Cruise – Featured on BuzzFeed Germany hates Tom Cruise and bans him from making a movie. It’s not the first time Germany has discriminated against a religious minority. But for some reason, the idea of an entire country turning against Tom Cruise is just so much funnier […]

  • Manowar Concert

    This Saturday we went to see Manowar (and Holy Hell and Rhapsody) in Stuttgart. We were invited by guess-who and so got in as “guests” … I put up a few pictures, email me if you want a flickr guesst pass to the set. The concert was really a great experience. Best Moments: the duett […]

  • back home

    My cold lasted longer than anticipated and so I spent my days hoping we would not have to cancel our vacation. We are now back from our vacation to Lancaster – visiting friends – and Scotland. I have already uploaded a few pictures on flickr– more will follow shortly as I sort out the bad […]

  • Cold & Indulgence

    Thursday I experienced the first symptoms of what should become a full-blown cold within half a day. In the evening I tried everything from hot tea to a hot bath. To no avail, I felt quite terrible the next morning and decided it woud be better to go to the doctor. She looked at my […]

  • Cars

    Wir sind gerade aus dem Kino heimgekommen. “Cars” – das neuste Werk von Pixar. Nachdem ich schon unendlich oft die Vorschau gesehen hatte, hatte ich eigentlich nicht gerade so die Motivation mir das “anzutun”. Wer will schon einen Film über ein Rennauto sehen? Ein rotes Rennauto, dass noch nicht mal ein Ferrari ist? Aber wenn […]

  • Quiztime: Which character are you?

    My result of the ASOIAF Quiz: I am Jon Snow. Well it was a close call between Jon Snow, Sansa and Ned. There’s another ASOIAF quiz “Which female character are you” and I ended up Sansa there, twice. Sansa is really not very likeable in the beginning, but like Jaime she becomes more interesting with […]

  • All the lights are green

    This morning on my way to work … I stopped at a local market stall where I often buy poultry and eggs to buy beautiful petite strawberries and an apple for lunch. The same tasty lunch I already had yesterday. So the man working there says: “Only one apple?” “Yes it’s for lunch, I only […]