Yesterday I went to a local gaming convention with a couple of friends. I had promised someone I would GM some at the convention and so I did. Of course I totally messed up and came more or less unprepared. I had first planned to GM Joy&Sorrow from One Shots but then I asked around… Continue reading Jailbreak@Trokal

My other blog

I have started a second blog. But noone can read it so far because I made it password protected. It’s a diary for a new gaming character of mine. I am documenting character creation and her story there. I’ll publish the URL once we started playing that campaign. Aventurisches Tagebuch. Anyhow the thing is in… Continue reading My other blog

UA in a sentence

Last night we played our weekly session of DSA (German Fantasy Roleplaying) , the guys were being really grosse. I cannot even post it. I didn’t play a lot because I was still feeling ill. I had to work rather late – on Friday! – to adapt my stats tool to our new website publishing… Continue reading UA in a sentence

Open Directory Project

Some time ago I registered as editor for the Unknown Armies category of the Open Directory Project, I never edited anything though. But now I am back and I added about all the links that I could find about the game or related to the game. Open Directory: Roleplaying: Genres: Horror: Unknown Armiesor Google Directory:… Continue reading Open Directory Project

Whimsy Cards

This was discussed on the UA Mailinglist, and I found some corresponding websites. Whimsy Card List I think these cards are a nice idea and can be a game enhancement. It is kind of similar to the Universalis system which we might playtest sometime soon, if the rulebook owner ever finds enough people who have… Continue reading Whimsy Cards