Scenario Design

Tonight I am going to GM some more of our DSA campaign. I designed my own adventure for this and this will be our third session. I create nearly all my campaigns, scenarios and adventures the same way. I start out with one interesting NPC. Sometimes he or she is a good guy, sometimes it… Continue reading Scenario Design

Fear the Bunny

Concerning the title. I just felt like it. We spent this week-end outside playing in the Neronia V larp. I wasn’t feeling very well and there was a lot of walking or should I say hiking involved this time so I missed most of the plot and nearly all the fights. I was playing a… Continue reading Fear the Bunny

UAML is back

The list is back UA Info Page John Tynes put it like this “You realize, of course, that it was cosmically impossible for Ted to restore the list until I had made an alternate list. At that point, the dimensions realigned and progress could occur.” Even the archives are back. Good to know. I am… Continue reading UAML is back

Death to all worms

My favorite mailinglist is down. Since the 22nd. I am pretty sure this was caused by some worm attack or similar. See the thread at Unknown Armies The mean thing is that my mail reader has been displaying 26 new mails in the list’s folder all day. So I keep thinking: oh there are mails… Continue reading Death to all worms

Bad Omens

Just came across some beautiful ‘omens’ which I cannot resist to post here, it started all with a post on the UA list. – Local News – Predator Kills Bald Eagle At National Zoo: WASHINGTON — A bald eagle, the living symbol of the United States, died at the National Zoo on the Fourth… Continue reading Bad Omens


Yes I am back to Warcraft III. Still have not finished the last mission: ‘Götterdämmerung’ in the Nightelf Campaign. I guess I will never see the final movie. Oh well and I am losing against the AI all the time. Maybe I should choose another favorite race instead of the elves. WarCraftIII.Net – The Unofficial… Continue reading Nightelves

Gaming week-end

Not only did we play our DSA campaign twice – on friday and saturday – we also played some rounds Chez Geek which is always fun with Hungry Girl and Choad Warrior. I just love the “Keg on Porch” …. then we played ‘Illuminati’ I was the Bermuda Triangle, I nearly made it but then… Continue reading Gaming week-end

Gamers Purity Test

Came along the UA list today, UA is even mentionned somewhere outside the ‘Systems’-section! Take it and tell me how you scored: The Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Quiz! My Results Your Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score Category Your Score Average Hacklust 62.26%Enjoys the occasional head-lopping 52.4% Sensitive Roleplaying 45.57%“But what’s my motivation for this scene?” 48.9% GM… Continue reading Gamers Purity Test