Spielemesse 2010

Smallworld Spielplan

Wir haben es, dank der netten Einladung aus Mülheim, auch in diesem Jahr wieder zur SPIEL nach Essen geschafft und haben den Samstag und Sonntag dazu genutzt uns viele coole Spiele anzusehen und eine ganze Reihe davon auszuprobieren. Gekauft haben wir allerdings nur ein einziges Spiel.

Auf Flickr habe ich ein paar Photos von der SPIEL 2010 hochgeladen mit den Spielen, die wir gespielt haben und jeweils einer kurzen Bewertung.

Gespielt haben wir insgesamt 7 Spiele:

Wie jedes Jahr waren Kosmos, Schmidt, Gold Sieber & Co total überlaufen, so dass wir für einige Spiele, die uns noch interessiert hätten keine Zeit fanden: Säulen von Venedig, Shenshi, Schwarzer Freitag, Dungeonquest, “dieses Safrandings”, The Adventurers, Glen More & Der Pate . Dixit kennen wir ja schon 😉 Am DSA Stand gabs leider auch keine neue Beute zu machen und auf weitere Würfel haben wir dieses Jahr auch verzichtet. Somit haben wir es das erste mal geschafft ohne kaputten Rücken und wehe Füsse aus den Messehallen zu laufen statt zu wanken 😉

Back to Root

The install is fresh and there is still a Windows installation on the hard drive, but – as you can read on my WoW blog – I am back to using Linux at home. I needed a re-install of Windows and ended up downloading Ubuntu.

I had been putting off installing Windows forever – once I decided to give Linux gaming a chance it took me one day to motivate myself and it paid off: installing Ubuntu has become trivial. I was very impressed with the ease of everything. Gone are the days of cryptic installers where you have to be an expert for hardware and software specifics to get a nice system running.

The most impressive is that booting the Live CD (aka USB drive in my case) is quick and easy and then you just have to click the “Install” button and while you watch the Installer do it’s thing you can surf the web. I had assumed the browser was only for show but when I started it and entered the guild’s forum url … I started laughing, because it isn’t for show.

I have already solved several of the remaining “problems” I had with my gaming keyboard and the games. Fun – windows-less – times ahead!

Spore & SecuROM

Amazon is too fast. The game was ordered and only hours later we found out that it is one of the games that infects your computer with the malware that is SecuROM. By that time it was already sent out and we could not cancel the order anymore. On Amazon.de and Amazon.com the game is getting tons of 1-star reviews because of this. As I write the number of negative reviews nears the 2k mark on Amazon.com.

While I think that the negative reviews are much better than not buying a game, I am not willing to have a DRM-Rootkit on my computer. Thanks no. I’ve always been a paying customer for all you DRM industries out there. This game I am returning. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just some DRM but SecuROM is really just too much.


I was once of the opinion that drama was typical of my social adventuring in World of Warcraft guilds.

I was naive to think it wouldn’t happen elsewhere. I am noticing that writing emails or answering questions is taking longer and longer. Only this time … I am one of the people involved in the discussions and not the neutral referee or moderator .. or so someone noticed today 😛

Well don’t feed the trolls they say.

But WoW is only a game and as such expendable. It is not so with some other things.

More Screenspace

So Saturday my new display arrived:

I am now running my gaming machine with a 24″ and a 19″ display. At work I have a single 17″ 🙁

My desk at home is a bit too small.

It takes some getting used to. I have so much screen space now that I don’t want to max out my browser window anymore because nearly all websites look pretty strange.

new mmos

Tabula Rasa has an open beta out.

Many mmos coming out next year, will there be one to end the reign of WoW? (via Tobold)

My bet is on WAR. What I know? It will dent our guild membership, unless we make the jump and try it together. Not that I care overly much. My guild membership consists of reading and posting in the forum and logging on for an hour a week.

I think WAR is hyped quite a bit though and playing NWN2 I noticed how good WOW is.