Spirit Island

(BGG Link, Spirit Island Wiki) This is my all time favorite game.

Players: 1-6 (best: 2), Play Time: ~2h, Complexity: high, Year: 2017

Expansions: Branch & Claw, Jagged Earth, Promo Pack 1, Promo Pack 2

Central Mechanisms: Cooperative, Unique Player Powers, Area Control, Hand Management, Simultaneous Action Selection

What makes this game so great? Endless variability (24 spirits, 7 adversaries & 13 scenarios, hundreds of cards). The unique character of each single spirit, scalable difficulty and card combos allow for a new game every time. Very little randomness, different paths to win every time. If you chose your difficulty right, the game has a beautiful arc that culminates in a furious scramble for the win in the last couple of turns.