(BGG Link) This is the huge 10kg campaign game we still haven’t finished. It masters the impossible of being a dungeon crawl-cooperative-thematic-euro campaign game. At the time of this writing the game has been undisputed #1 on BGG for at least 2 years.

Players: 1-4 (best: 2), Play Time: 2-3h, Complexity: high, Year: 2017

Expansions: Forgotten Circles.

Siblings: Jaws of the Lion, Frosthaven

Central Mechanisms: exploration, campaign, variable player powers, deck construction, card-driven combat, modular board

What makes this game so great? Each of the 14 characters in the box features very unique game play and the combination of the card-driven euro mechanics with the thematic dungeon crawl is unbeatable. It has around ~100 scenarios to play and the character and campaign growth after each scenario is very satisfying.