Game Wishlist

As with any collection, there is always some adding, some hunting for rare pieces. Here’s what I am looking forward to and what I am searching. (Updated: April 2021)

The Out of Print

Games that are currently out of print or otherwise unavailable in Germany and for which no reprint has been announced (to my knowledge). Sooner or later this list is going to shrink to nothing (I hope). A lot of these are available in the secondary market, some for good prices some for an awful lot of money.

FOMO Level: leading cause of FOMO.

  • Five Tribes (I didn’t know what I was doing not buying this at SPIEL, not willing to pay the prices for a used copy. Reprint please?)
  • Antiquity (that forum game looked fascinating)
  • Martian Dice (because Mars, it is on BGA)
  • Tournament at Avalon (weird)
  • Tigris und Euphrat (the Knizia tile layer)
  • Chinatown – the economic game
  • Medici – the third in the Knizia auction trilogy (Ra + Modern Art I already have)
  • Tikal – older SdJ winner
  • Condottiere – smallish DOAM
  • Intrigue – a good mean game?

Wish List of games past

A category that I hope to be rid of eventually. These are games that are in stock and then they are not… they come and go at intervals. Some of these have a current or near future reprint announced which will lead to a short spike in availability. I will probably cave sooner rather than later and get these. FOMO Level: medium to high.

Wish List of Games Present

These are games of recent publishing years that are usually in print or new print runs expected in the near future. FOMO Level: low to medium.

  • Roll for the Galaxy (because dice, have played and like it, June reprint)
  • Nagaraja (funny dice, Zee likes it but it is two player so maybe not)
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 0 (once season 2 is finished and sale!)


A list of games that I know are or will be available at my local game store and that will probably make it on one of my next orders from them to support them through the pandemic. Even so, as they are a bit on the pricy side, some games that I can get for WAY cheaper elsewhere are not on this list. FOMO Level: very low.

  • The Adventures of Robin Hood
  • Die Glassstrasse Big Box (June 2021, Rosenberg, FLGS)

Wish List of Games Future

Games that are not yet published but that I expect to be available in the near future. FOMO Level: mixed bag. The reprints are higher than the new games announced. I am nervous I will somehow miss the pre-order for the localized John Company.

  • Skyrise (remake of Metropolys classic, looks sooo pretty)
  • John Company Second Edition (DE, pre-order August 2021)
  • Terra Mystica: Innovations… a new game with one of my favorite rulesets! Variable player boards, variable map & Steampunk (probably around Spiel)
  • Stella: Ein Dixit Spiel (December 2021, pictures!)

Curious aka want to play

There are a bunch of games I am interested in but also a little weary and I’d very much like to play before I get anywhere near buying.

  • Rallyman GT (played on TTS, nice tactical race, May or June 2021), been playing this on BGA, losing a lot. So maybe not?
  • Ex Libris (because books!)
  • Yellow & Yangtze
  • Food Chain Magnate (June 2021 reprint, I am not quite sure I want it, decide!)
  • Eclipse Second Dawn for the Galaxy (4x, this or Xia or both?)
  • Meadow (nature themed tricky comboing set collection thingy?)
  • Honey Buzz (economics honey coated, pretty recent will probably somehow get a reprint soonish?)
  • Mass Transit (SUSD preview looked good)Firefly: The Game (I hear good things, also: Their hands are blue!)
  • Oriflamme (something something French game price, BGA!)
  • Yin Yang (because area control by a designer local to the theme, very interested but definitely needs more research I have so many games in that niche)
  • Formosa Tea (tea! but worker placement is not a rare occurrence in my collection)
  • Power Grid (I have played this over 10 years ago)
  • Chip Theory (burncycle, Too many bones, too expensive to just buy)
  • Lost Ruins of Arnak (I already have Dune Imperium on preorder this may be too much of the same niche, BGA)
  • T’zolkin Mayan Calendar (BGA)
  • Great Western Trail (because so far I have no success with Pfister games)
  • Atlantis Rising 2nd (played first ages ago, was not that impressed, but hear 2nd is better)
  • Small Samurai Empires (I have way too many area control games already, this one sounds neat but not neat enough to blind-buy)
  • Blue Lagoon (I have got 2 Knizia strategic tile layers, do I need a third?)
  • Air Land & Sea (war themes are not my usual fare but it does get a lot of praise, so maybe?)
  • Jaipur (two player rarely clicks for us. I have previously played this but need to refresh the game in my mind)
  • Feudum (sounds fascinating but expensive)
  • Yokohama (too many comparisons to Istanbul to be a blind buy)
  • Incan Gold (my experience with push-your-luck is one of “each buy is pushing my luck”)

Wish List of Expansions

Expansions need no explanation. If I like the game I want it all. FOMO Level: low.

  • On Mars: Alien Invasion (need! probably on KS?)
  • Concordia Solitaria (insta-buy)
  • Nidavellir: Thingvellir
  • Root: Marauder Expansion (my copy of Root is German)

Games Already Ordered

FOMO Level: none. Those are already ordered!

  • 18DO (Kickstarter)
  • Aqua Garden (Kickstarter)
  • Awkward Guests (Spieleschmiede)
  • Bear Raid, Factory Funner, Ghosts of Christmas (Kickstarter)
  • Blood on the Clocktower
  • Darwin’s Journey (Kickstarter)
  • Everdell: The Complete Collection (Kickstarter)
  • Frosthaven (Kickstarter)
  • Hoop Godz (Kickstarter)
  • Lunar Base (Kickstarter)
  • Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber (Kickstarter)
  • Petrichor (Kickstarter)
  • Planet Unknown (Kickstarter)
  • Raid (Kickstarter)
  • Radlands (Kickstarter)
  • Q.E.
  • Spirits of the Forest (Kickstarter)
  • Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition (Kickstarter)
  • The Greater Zimbabwe
  • The Search for Planet X
  • The LOOP (August 2021, coop and pink and time travel)
  • Iberian Gauge
  • Hoplomachus: Victorum
  • Stationfall