(BGG Link) In Faiyum the players settle peninsula of the same name in ancient Egypt.

Players: 1-5, Play Time: ~2-3h, Complexity: Medium, Year: 2020

Mechanisms: Deck Construction, Market, Hex Grid, Worker Placement, Network Building


Play Report Game #1

This is early in my first solo game. So to “win” that solo the rulebook suggests you need 150 points. Maybe I did missed a rule or something but I scored 220 points or so…

I really need to play this multiplayer, I don’t think the solo-mode is bad but it lacks essential pieces of the game play (interaction and other players blocking spots or building things) and I found it a little too easy.

So it’s a card game with a board and the “gimmick” is that you do not have a draw pile but you get to recover cards to your hand from your discard in order of last-in-first-out and you have to pay for every card you want to recover beyond the first three. So this is one of Friedemann Friese’s things he does having you play cards in a certain order so you can optimize their usage. (Fürstenfeld, Freitag, and Finished all do this–those are just the ones I played that come to my mind right now). I ended up with a huge pile of cards the bottom of which was absolutely inaccessible.

There is a market of cards (sorted by numbers, I hear it is heavily inspired by the Power Grid market but my one and only play of that game was more than 10 years ago I think) where you get to buy new and better cards to play.

The map is where the actions of your cards are played out where you harvest resources that you in turn need for build actions. There are settlments and monuments and production buildings. Each hex field of the map is also a worker spot. No player owns the structures on the map. You own the cards in your hand and discard and the resources you get from harvesting.

The rules are simple and there is a comprehensive glossary (in English and German) for every single card. I learned the game in no time at all.

There are a handful of cards in the whole deck that manipulate the discard pile. I wished there were more. My play lacked the “fine moves” or “cascading effects”. Yes, the cards toward the end of the game are more powerful but in a solo the game lacked an exciting arc and I am reasonably sure this wasn’t a fluke. So I am waiting for my partner to agree to a game (he’s not a fan of 2F games).