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And here is one more One of his books was recently made into a movie: “Soloalbum” I am pretty curious about this movie and I hope I am not going to miss it because despite him having a very different worldview than I, I enjoyed all of his books a lot.

Debugging by Exceptions

Since Axis is not responding in any human-readable way to my attempts to run a webservice on it, I have found a new method of debugging: throwing exceptions. Since the only thing that comes over the wire from my axis host (localhost:8180 *lol* and don’t ask why tomcat picked that port instead of 8080, I… Continue reading Debugging by Exceptions

Perl Hate

Perl is a nice scripting language – no I will not call it a programming language! – you can do so many wonderful things with it. There are no restrictions. Just write some ?!$$’”&%/;$?” and it works. Sure it always works, but you never know what it really does. Like now. If you ever write… Continue reading Perl Hate

Mess with the best

Tux vs. butterfly Nice background image ….. courtesy spass@work, really take a look. Maybe not if you like your windows.

Axis Deployment Part II

With a hint from the mailinglist – did I ever mention what a practical thing those mailinglists are – I finally realized what I should have realized 2 days ago: the generation of the deployment descriptor for axis is really not necessary. It is much more reliable to write the thing yourself instead of using… Continue reading Axis Deployment Part II

Back Online

We are back online. Finally. We have been offline for 2 months. Well at home. Not at work of course. The interesting thing was to notice how much and for how many different things we have come to depend on instant internet access around the clock. Internet has become a real time saving app for… Continue reading Back Online

Linux Server Part 1

Of course the first thing needed is a system running linux. I am using Debian (currently “Woody”), you can use whatever you like. The first thing I wanted to have was the adsl access to our provider. So that is what I configured last night. Step 1: Set up the hardware corretly. Our ADSL modem… Continue reading Linux Server Part 1

More Anti-Spam for Nigeria Forum To bad this one is partly in German. But nevertheless a worthwhile read. I posted a similar link on lovescraft spam some days ago. Actually I think that the Nigeria Spammers are quite a funny read sometimes, if there were not people who did not know it was spam and took these people… Continue reading More Anti-Spam for Nigeria

Fantasy Sagas

About two years ago I started reading lots of Fantasy books again. So here is a short overview what I read and what I liked. First there is the greate fantasay saga “Song of Ice and Fire”. The Author actually has a regularly updated homepage George R.R. Martin’s Official Website. Then there is Tad Williams… Continue reading Fantasy Sagas

Axis Deployment

Deploying an application to axis (“Axis of Evil”) is more complicated than one might think. First of course you need an application. Step 1: Compile your app and put it in a jar-file. Copy the jar-file to the %tomcat_home%/webapps/axis/WEB-INF/lib/. Step 2: Now you need to generate a WSDL spec from your code. Use Java2Wdsl for… Continue reading Axis Deployment