History in games

Most of my games with historic themes just history as a backdrop and are not educational at all with a small number of notable exceptions: Pax Pamir 2 and Leaving Earth are definitely closely modeled (or as close as games can get) on history each with their very own perspective. Both provide very immersive gameplay… Continue reading History in games

Games on my Solo Stack

Due to reasons, I’ve been playing a lot of solo games in recent months. Here’s what is currently on my dining table (or close to it anyway). The oldest one of these games is Sprawlopolis a small city building game that gives me 3 different scoring goals each time I play and just 18 cards… Continue reading Games on my Solo Stack

Game Notes: Rocketmen

We just finished our first game of Rocketmen. Including learning the game together, it took us something between 2 and 3 hours to finish the first game. I expect this time to go to around 2 hours with two people and some practice maybe as fast as 90 minutes. But I doubt that. This is… Continue reading Game Notes: Rocketmen

My 25 most anticipated Games for 2021

This includes some reprints and expansions and is basically my wishlist for the coming year. Some of which is already preordered either via Kickstarter or otherwise. (Geeklist)

Spiel 2020

Was canceled. Instead there was spiel.digital and a bunch of streamers and youtubers doing their very best to give us the spirit of the fair. In any case, I wouldn’t have bought quite so many games at the fair this year because I already backed so many kickstarters in 2019 for which I still owe… Continue reading Spiel 2020

Brettspiel: Parks

Worum geht es? Wenn man es mal wieder nicht vor die Tür geschafft hat, kann man in diesem Spiel ohne grosse Anstrengung (oder einen weiten Flug) durch die amerikanischen Nationalparks wandern und dabei das ein oder andere Photos machen. Wer die Parks schon kennt, wird die Bilder erkennen. Jeder einzelne Park wurde wunderschön von verschiedenen… Continue reading Brettspiel: Parks

Spiele seit März

oder wie ich kompensiert habe. Normalerweise habe ich ja hauptsächlich zur Spielemesse Brettspiele gekauft. Und wir haben ja im November auch noch einen grossen Spieleabend mit verschiedenen damals gekauften Spielen gemacht. Seither wollte ich immer mal eine grosse Runde für Dune zusammenbringen. Das hat leider nicht sollen sein, da sich ja das Brettspiel Geschehen auf… Continue reading Spiele seit März

SPIEL 2019 Impressions

As in many previous years SPIEL in Essen was the highlight of our boardgaming year. For the first time since we started going regularly, I attended on Thursday. Our usual schedule has been to go Fridays and Sundays and skip Saturday because it is too packed. This year, I got up at 5:40 and took… Continue reading SPIEL 2019 Impressions

Publishing my first book

is not such a trivial thing. Today was supposed to be the day, and as a fact the Kindle Edition is available right now. Except that the version on Amazon – despite my best efforts – is not the final version I uploaded. So please wait for 24-72 hours until I have been told that… Continue reading Publishing my first book

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