History in games

Most of my games with historic themes just history as a backdrop and are not educational at all with a small number of notable exceptions: Pax Pamir 2 and Leaving Earth are definitely closely modeled (or as close as games can get) on history each with their very own perspective. Both provide very immersive gameplay although one through the lense of a historian and the other a scientist or an engineer. Both Watergate and Kyoto also seem to have somewhat of an educational purpose but both are much shorter games.

Nevertheless, I tried to get them all of my games with historic themes into a timeline.

There are fewer unreflected colonialist themes in here than I feared at first. The worst offender is probably Goa which is also one of the oldest games in my collection. I am not a huge fan of pure war games, so all those games that portray historic battles are missing as well.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories