Publishing my first book

is not such a trivial thing.

Today was supposed to be the day, and as a fact the Kindle Edition is available right now. Except that the version on Amazon – despite my best efforts – is not the final version I uploaded. So please wait for 24-72 hours until I have been told that my recent changes are finally published.

The Smashwords Edition will be available on May 18 and will be distributed to a number of major ebook stores like Apple Books, Kobo and Tolino.

Orchid Nights is the first part of this story and I am working on the second part already. The second part is already written; hopefully it just needs a bit of editing and paving over the plot holes to get it off the ground and into the internet.

After taking more than 4 years to get even the first 251 pages published, I hope that the next 400 or so will be quicker.

I’ve learned a lot about this writing thing in those years.

So what is my book about? Here’s the description:

Lys is a VR programmer and a collector of keys. In vSpace, she can get into any system and hack every object. But in meat-space she can’t get away from her criminal uncle without risking a permaban. Asking for help from her father would only make her part of the corporate machine. But when she sees what her latest work has caused, she can no longer just watch. She has to do something!

The government deregulated itself into non-existence. Then automation came and put everyone out of work. The lucky few are the employees living on a Campus of one of the remaining mega-corporations. The rest live in the Fringe, barely getting by on the scraps thrown to them by the corporations, always in fear the gangs that rule the cities. Their only escape is a trip into VR.

With one parent from the Fringe, the other from Campus, Lys had a choice few ever get to make. She chose to stay where she grew up. A hacker by night, a VR programmer by day, she lives under the thumb of her uncle, leader of the Dragon gang, hiding her identity even from her friends. And now her work on the Mindscapes draws her deeper into the Fringe’s latest threat: Dive—the drug that makes VR so real, it kills.

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By Yashima

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