Orchid Nights will be available May 9

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Lately, I haven’t posted at all and before that only book reviews. Now I have some actual news: I’ve finally decided on a date and set myself a deadline! Orchid Nights will be out May 9, 2019. You can actually preorder the book now (and I’d love if you would, see links below).

I’ve worked on this for a while now (~5 years) and it is finally going to be available to read for all of you who have asked me again and again “Is it out yet?”

Over the years the story has changed a bit. But it always remained true to the one thing I wanted to write: A cyberpunk novel set in a near future where governments are gone, jobs are gone and large tech companies rule whatever is left of the world and whoever is left out in the cold is trying to escape reality one way or another.

So what is this part about?

After some thought, this has become part one of the larger project, that will likely be two (maybe three because trilogies are cool) books. The rest of the story is already written, it just needs to be polished and I can start that as soon as I upload my final versions to kdp and Smashwords.

The government deregulated itself into non-existence. Then automation came and put everyone out of work. The lucky few are the employees living on a Campus of one of the remaining mega-corporations. The rest live in the Fringe, barely getting by on the scraps thrown to them by the corporations, always in fear the gangs that rule the cities. Their only escape is a trip into VR.

With one parent from the Fringe, the other from Campus, Lys had a choice few ever get to make. She chose to stay where she grew up. A hacker by night, a VR programmer by day, she lives under the thumb of her uncle, leader of the Dragon gang, hiding her identity even from her friends. And now her work on the Mindscapes draws her deeper into the Fringe’s latest threat: Dive—the drug that makes VR so real, it kills.

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PS: With the book accepted into the Smashwords premium catalogue it will hopefully be distributed to most other online bookstores like iTunes, B&N, Kobo etc. If your favorite store doesn’t have it let me know and I’ll see what I can do about it. For now there is no paper version, I’ll try to get the print-on-demand set up with kdp later.

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