Review: Nanoshock (SINless 2)

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Nanoshockby K.C. Alexander
Genre: Cyberpunk

So here’s the first sentence of the book.

You haven’t lived until you’ve fisted a nun under the cheap light of a neon Jesus.

If you think you can take a book that follows that sentence, go ahead and try. I apparently couldn’t and it would have ended up being a 3* except…

Both books – Necrotech as well – probably highly depend on the mood of the reader (yes most books do but…). This time it was like eating raw steak, when I really wanted to indulge in chocolate. And I am allergic to beef.

Dangerous as masturbating with the barrel of a Sauger 877, safety off. The hunger riding my high made that sound like a great idea.

So the trend from book one continues, nitty, gritty, bloody, gutter street action with an out-of-control anti-hero as MC (a protagonist is something else entirely). I spent most of the book rooting for Riko to-get-a-fucking-grip-for-once.

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