Review: Penric’s Mission (Penric & Desdemona 4)

My review @ Goodreads Penric’s Mission is part 4 of the Penric and Desdemona series by Lois McMaster Bujold Genre: Fantasy Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. Penric and his interactions with the demon Desdemona, who is sharing his mind, have fascinated me from the first novella I read, and their interaction & cooparation are… Continue reading Review: Penric’s Mission (Penric & Desdemona 4)

Review: Children of Time

My review @ Goodreads Children of Time by Aidan Tchaikovsky Genre: Science Fiction It is a perfect time to read this and that’s why I am posting my 2015 review of this now. Because the other day I heard that  there will be a big-screen adaption of Children of Time by Lionsgate. If you ever… Continue reading Review: Children of Time

Review: Necrotech (SINless 1)

My review @ Goodreads Necrotech by K.C. Alexander Genre: Cyberpunk I was searching for female-written female SciFi protagonists when I stumbled across this gem. Even better: this qualifies as Cyberpunk with the emphasis on Punk, very much in the “the street finds its own use for things” kind of way.

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