My Blog is back

My server on which I hosted my email, websites, code repositories and so much more crashed back in June. I didn’t even notice until much later, because the emails that were supposed to tell me that one of the hard drives had died went into the spam folders both on my mail server and on gmail. For some reason though I finally saw a mail that told me about the degraded array. First thing I did was to contact my hoster who changed the hard-drive before I could even finish pulling backups of … this blog for example. Or of my virtual machine that hosted my email server. Then I messed up integrating the new harddrive. Never done that before. And lost the whole server in the process. (Despite the gracious and generous help of others)

Ever since then my digital life has been … not quite dead but not alive either. At first I tried to reclaim the server and tried setting up email through a docker container. It worked somewhat. But I never managed to configure it the way I needed and I never learned docker sufficiently to feel “back in control”. So I was not getting all my emails. Worse or not: some emails were even bouncing f.e. To services like kickstarter. That’s how I noticed something was wrong in the first place, so probably good.

Over the summer I didn’t have time to fix the situation. I noticed how dependent I was on all these services and how much time it had taken to set it up and how little to destroy it. A few weeks ago I decided, to stuff my personal paranoia somewhere and move away from hosting stuff myself. I moved one of my mail domains to gmail and my blog to wordpress. And here I am typing away my first blogpost in months. 

And as of next week I am finally back to working on the Novel (yes capitalized) … full time. 

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories