NaNoWriMo – The First 6 Days

Mind Bleed Cover
As I noted before, this year I am doing NaNoWriMo. After some time of brooding about a title I finally found one I liked: “Mind Bleed” – of course if something better turns up, I will change the title again. For now it’s still quite fitting. Here’s the novel’s blurb (although I have to update that I think):

In 2113 mega-corporations rule a divided world. Lys teaches hacking in the Fringe, a destitute ghetto spreading like a tumor around the lavish campus of Quanao Inc. When a student dies of cerebral hemorrhaging in her class, and others complain of head-aches and recurring dreams playing games with a suspiciously familiar stranger, she is stunned. When nobody else cares, she begins to investigate. Lys stumbles upon a nefarious techno-conspiracy linked by dreams to her vanished, traitorous ex.

Yes another Science Fiction story. I used to think when I would write I would be writing Fantasy. Apparently, I was quite wrong.
I am also posting the rough first draft over on WriteOn. And in case any of you want to see what it looks like straight from the cask: I have some invites to give out, the community is both for readers and writers so, just let me know if you want one of those invites. Anyway we’ve been keeping a diary of sorts on the WriteOn forums about our progress. Here’s mine so far:

Day 1, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

I have a course mapped out. The winds were favorable and I started out with the midnight tide. After a nights rest the first leg of the trip was completed. Although I must say not without deviating from the course. The winds aren’t under my control and they changed direction several times in the day and I had to adapt. My course meanders, but even though it is longer than I thought I got there just as quick, and in the end I was able to drop the ship’s anchor in exactly the spot, that I had planned for the night.

Day 2, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

Just like the previous day, around midnight the wind picked up and I decided to set sail once more and sail a few miles by moonlight. Nothing is better than sailing late at night – or earliest in the morning. So the night was spent farther along the course than was anticipated. Of course late night sailing makes for a slow departure in the morning, despite a wonderful constant breeze …

Update Day 2: It’s dark out, but I have nearly reached my anchorage for the day. Again, I could not quite follow the plotted course, a few detours led me to interesting sights, the scenery out here changes with every mile as I pass many an island. Just one more turn of the clock and then I’ll rest for the night. There are clouds in the sky, if they clear up and the moon rises, I may yet take another midnight sailing trip into the next chapter of my journey. yawn or I may not.

Day 3 – Captain’s Log from the Mind Bleed

Before the ship could safely continue to the next chapter of the journey, the crew had to take a cleaning break. Some paragraphs that were cluttering up the deck had to be removed, due to being a hindrance for further progress, maybe even a danger. Also some revealing information about the further trip had to be hidden somewhere else, lest it be found too early by later travelers following the ships path.

It was noon by the time the clean-ups were done and Lys could finally return to the ships rudder. The wind blew the sails merrily and off we went. Maybe I should have told Lys where the journey was supposed to go, but when I noticed that she had changed course, it was already too late.

We sailed until late into the evening, late at night and completed a chapter, even if it wasn’t the chapter that had been planned for today. As I prophesied mere days ago: just because you plan a certain trip, doesn’t mean you get to take exactly that trip …

All around me the other ships are also making their slow way through the waves, some faster than others, but steady going for almost all. I am glad to see them, because now that we’ve left the shore and it’s bay of islands behind, they are what reminds me of the goal on the other side of the ocean.

Day 4, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

With an evening on the shore relaxing with friends and boardgames, and many chores to do all day long, most of which had nothing to do with the ship or the journey, it is not surprising we only saw two new sights today. Chapter 4 will need to be finished tomorrow.

Strangely, my passengers acted out their little arcs in completely unexpected ways. One would think they would follow a plan, my plan, but no … plans are for Captain’s. Passengers apparently get to do what they want …

PS: yes two of my characters slipped the leash, got into a fight and separated …. aarrrrgh! But I think what happened is better than what I planned, so

Day 5, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

Today went very smoothly, we were blown through the chapter by a gentle wind that moved us forward toward the scary cliffs of introducing another viewpoint character. So we stopped and anchored as soon as the cliffs came into view, after a very productive day of sailing.

Day 6, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

With the cliffs looming ahead of us, we spent some time cleaning the ship, fishing, and going in circles. When we finally took off for the day it was slow going. The wind had turned and the current was continuously threatening to throw us on the sharp left-overs of an info-dump just below the cliffs. We scraped by – but barely, some of the info-dump is apparently stuck to the ship below the waterline. For now we can keep sailing, but eventually the damage will have to be repaired.

The story continues here.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories