NaNoWriMo: the final stretch

I finished the 50k on Friday. It was a back-breaking – quite nearly literally – day of writing. I wrote about 4k words that day. I just wanted to be able to take a break on Saturday. Here are my final diary entries from the writing marathon that is NaNoWriMo.


I expect to have to write between 15k and 25k more words to finish the story. Since I haven’t written a word except for blog-posts, emails and the week-end-write-in, I doubt I’ll finish the story in November.

Day 14,15,16,17, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed.

Nearly no winds during the week-end. This caused a huge amount of back-wrecking (literally) labor to stay on course and still the story made little headway. After the semi-climax at the mountain of End-Of-Act-One we had a lull and it was hard to motivate ourselves to continue the journey. Lots of yoga and meditation later, we’re back in faster currents and on Day 17 launched into an extended writing whatever … two chapters of the second part of the journey are finished and the wind is picking up. Lots of islands are already visible on the horizon and I expect to reach the “Island of big reveal” sometime tomorrow.

What drains away speed from the story is the revelation that I as the Captain had: despite being able to reach 50k sometime this week, the story will still not be finished in November. Too-much-plot or Too-many-words Exception, not sure which. Rather the first though.

Day 18, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

For days it seemed like we weren’t making any headway towards our goal, despite the miles and miles we were traveling each day. It seemed as if the further we traveled that our goal moved away from us. And so we slowed down, thinking, planning what to do with this dilemma, I decided we just had to get more wind into our sails. So now we’re traveling full speed ahead. Just a few of days shy from our big milestone at 50k. Very likely only three more chapters until then. In our spare time we read about the travels of others, some in draft right here in these waters we are traveling.

Day 19, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

Today we will reach an important meeting point. One of my passengers will have to confront her past to find out where her future is headed (sounds much more dramatic than it is, or is it – dramatic?). Despite being in the middle of Act 2, this island will be very important and hopefully she will find a few revelations in this meeting. If not I am in trouble, because without this knowledge, where will we go? Of course another passenger – quite unexpectedly for her, too – is already preparing to come to her rescue should all else fail.

Day 20, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

Lys has been arrested. It didn’t seem too bad, so I had to stir up more trouble by putting some more heat in the fight between Lys and her interrogator – a truly hard part of the journey with so many rocks just below the water, there were several tense moments that might have smashed the Mind Bleed right there. But the fire burns brightly, the flame war is on. For now, I am glad Jayna is back at the helm of my ship. She is turning into my favorite passenger, at least she’s the most fun to watch. And I also know why: she has the most interesting inner conflict and the most well-defined development. A bad sign for the others. But there’s always revision time 🙂

So we sayled (very telling typo) the Jayna sea at a steady pace by then it was dark. We dropped anchor in the middle of the Ocean, hoping we wouldn’t drift to far in the night and be able to pick up our journey in the morning.

Day 21, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

As Jayna is continuing at a steady pace we’re nearing the magical 50k point of the journey. It’s incredible we got this far. Just 1.5k more steps to take. And with the latest islands we visited we were able to determine that it might be that act 3 might be much shorter than we feared. So there is a chance remaining that the journey will only last another 15 or 20k. Wish us luck that we’ll make it to the 50k tonight. The ship really needs a break. We need to find a port to take on fresh water, food, make some repairs and mostly rest …

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories