NaNoWriMo Diary Continued

The ship’s journey diary of my NaNoWriMo Adventures (originally written on the WriteOn forums). Part One to be found here.

I am currently at nearly 31k words and nearing the completion of Act 1 (of 3)

NaNoWriMo 12 Days
NaNoWriMo Progress after 12 Days

Update: I managed to finish Act 1 today, stopping just short of 34k words. My average is back at 2,610 words/day, much more realistic, than the calculation you can see on the screenshot which was taken this morning, when I had barely added words for the day.

Day 7, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

Another passenger came to the deck to present their point of view during the latest chapter of the trip. As planned she immediately begin her tasks of investigating the other passengers, and while they were busy with each other, we made good progress.

One of the crew discovered however that the remains of the info-dump we passed on Day 6 are still stuck to the hull and are in fact spreading like a virulent infection. The ship really needs to get into faster currents, to get rid of the stuff.

And now I really should get back to the actual sailing, all this signaling to the shore seems an awful lot like a ritual to summon the procrastination beast. And we really need to find out what Lys is going to do next. Over and out.

Day 8, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

Lys is finally back at the steering wheel and this time we’re going in the right direction, although we’ve taken an unexpected stop at a bar called the Fire Dragon. Lys said she needed to talk to the bar’s owner. We’re still going at a fast pace, but I fear that our journey is going to take longer than the one month. The route we’re taking is much longer than I thought. I sure we’ll make it to the 50k mark long before the month is over, but the journey won’t be finished there.

Never mind it all, this has been an invaluable experience in traveling the waters of writing so far. While the size of the undertaking is still daunting, I am learning to deal with a trip this long and I think I didn’t forget too many of the necessities when packing. No matter how long it will take us, we’ll reach port eventually.

I am still looking out for all the other ships, sailing the Ocean. We’ve spread out a bit more. But none of us is alone out here.

Day 9, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

The afternoon won’t be spent sailing, so we completed but a short scene today, and looked back at what we traveled through last night, adding a few flourishes here and there to the story told. Tomorrow another chapter will be finished, but today landfall at the island of Board-Gaming. We expect to meet with some friends, tell them about our journey and play a few games.

Day 10, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

The winds were kind and gave me nearly 4k words today. We passed the official half-time mark. But we’ve not even reached the anchorage where I planned to be after a third of the journey. We’ll see a significant sight at the end of Act One. But that we’ll reach that placed on Day 12 I now believe. Maybe if the winds are as great tomorrow as they were today, we’ll start seeing it tomorrow.

Today was spent resolving some of the twists and turns introduced yesterday. Lys is still going strong, but today I discovered I had to let somebody else take the steering wheel for a while. But for now everything seems to be coming together smoothly. It’s as if the ship was finally sailing itself. Magic! But somebody got shot. And Lys is getting some intense pressure from a not wholly unexpected quarter.

Day 11, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

We were becalmed all morning, and only made a little ways toward the island, we knew must be just beyond the horizon: the Isle of End-of-Act-One (of 3). We began reviewing our journey so far. The course looked smoother than it had seemed while sailing. This gave us courage to continue.

Day 12, Captain’s Log of the Mind Bleed

We knew we had to reach the Isle today. We just had to. But instead of starting out at the earliest possible time in the morning, a timeline of all previous events was made, trying to figure out what day it was today. It turned out it was “Day 4”. It was noted, that not all chapters of the journey are quite chronological. An important fact to be remembered later.

Then sometime in the afternoon a lively wind started up and we began sailing once more. Sometime in the early evening we began to see the mountain tops of the Isle above the horizon. As we neared we were shocked to see how high those mountains were. We are going to have to climb them, to reveal both where we have come from and where we are going.

It was midnight when we dropped anchor in a little bay on the north side of the Isle. It was impossible to start climbing in the dark. We had to put off the End-Of-Act-One’s conquest for another day. Hopefully Day 13 will see us to the mountain top.

PS: the body count, if you can call it that, is rising. But most death’s have been caused by the plague, and our heroes have sworn (kind of) to revenge the two dozen (mostly) unnamed victims.

Update: Day 13, Captain’s Log from the Mind Bleed

This was an incredible day. After a much needed rest (catching up on sleep), I still wasn’t sure that we would be able to continue at all. But then just after noon we dis-embarked upon our great hike up the mountain of End-of-Act-One. And suddenly – or 1 Espresso later – there was the energy that had been missing. The words simply flew by, the journey writing itself. Half-way up the mountain suddenly viewpoints changed. I had thought it would be Dorian who would lead us to the top, but instead Jayna insisted it was her turn.

Now I am standing on top of the mountain. 3461 words it took us to reach it. It’s really high up and I can feel the air is thin. It makes me all giddy and excited. Tomorrow morning we’ll be down by the ship again and continue the journey. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen. It feels like the ship is sailing itself now.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories