Starting the Novel

This Monday I started writing on the big project. Codename: Transmitten. This time writing is very different: first I already know that this will be much longer than Child of Ceres (current estimate is around 90-100k words for the first draft). And, additionally, I have a more or less complete outline planned out. Of course things will change during the course of the writing, but that is to be expected. Also I hope that I learned a few things – comma rules for one – from the previous project.

In fact, I am already finding it much easier to write than last time. I have – in three days – completed a first draft of the first two scenes (~4k words or 6-7 PDF pages) and both of those feel much smoother and better thought-out already. There is a lot to correct language-wise. But I am more confident that the actual plotting is more solid this time with all the planning that went in.

However, I had to change the second scene quite a bit from my previous plan, because I had changed the ending of Child of Ceres to lead to a major new conflict that I had not yet included in my outline.

I am still happily using Scrivener; there’s a new version that allows custom meta data properties, more export formats, document references, custom icons and a bunch of other niceties. I was mostly waiting for the custom properties to be able to add timeline properties to each scene. The very detailed timeline I made for the first “act” came in very handy already. Maybe my plot is too complicated 🙂

Something new I started yesterday: a list of words I capitalize. One of my early readers criticized my use of capitalization and she was quite right: not only did I capitalize too many words, I was not consistent as well.

Last but not least: I have an idea for the cover for Child of Ceres and once I made that or found someone to help me making it, I think I will release the novella into the wild.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories