Child of Ceres – A Novella

Child of Ceres
Child of Ceres – A Godchildren Novella by Sonja Pieper
It is done. I have finished my last editing pass of the novella I started writing in August 2013: Child of Ceres. Final word count: 31570. It was supposed to become a short story to find out, if writing in English was my thing. It got just a little bit longer.

The novella is set in a fantastic world, where humanity lives scattered among the safe havens of the arks and is ruled by the descendants of the Gods. The arks are surrounded by the Wastes and humanity is under constant pressure from the Wastes’ monstrous inhabitants. The protagonist is Calyndra, a young priestess, descendant of the goddess Ceres, who has a secret, she struggles to keep: despite what she – and her mother – have been telling everyone, she does not have control over her powers like a true Godchild. What are the consequences of keeping this secret? What is the cost for those close to her? Far from home, as a political hostage at the dogal court of Eluvrien, Calyndra is all but alone among the scheming courtiers.

I will be offering the novella as free download in three formats here on the blog: mobi (for kindle), epub (for other e-readers) and an A4-pdf for those of you, who prefer a print-out or have to read on screen:

[download id=”1537″ template=”image”]
[download id=”1539″ template=”image”]
[download id=”1531″ template=”image”]

All I ask in return is, that you leave me a comment on this article when you download any of the files. You can leave an anonymous comment, I would just like to know how many different people are actually downloading the book.

I will remove these downloads in one month and then publish the book on Amazon. So this is your chance to get it in the other formats. Please do not re-distribute the files elsewhere and refer your friends to this page. And if you really like the book, you can get it from Amazon in one month as a birthday present for me.

Update: added versions without cover, that are much smaller (also contain 2 bugfixes)
[download id=”1561″]
[download id=”1563″]
[download id=”1565″]

By Yashima

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  1. Looking forward to reading it@ Good thing it’s not too long, so I’ll still get enough sleep afterwards 😉

  2. Downloaded it.
    Due to a lousy WiFi here in Italy 3-4 download tries of the .mobi version are going on my account.

    Looking forward to read it.

    1. Ouch, if I’d known anyone was downloading via mobile, I’d have provided a version without the cover image, because without it less than 1 MB.
      Added the three nocover versions – they are much smaller.

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