Grilled Tomatoes à la maison

By popular request I am posting (my family’s) recipe for grilled tomatoes. So if you want to add some grilled vegetable to your next BBQ and have some nice tomatoes at hand … you could always make these on the oven as well.

You need:

  • 1x big beef tomato (Fleischtomate) per Person
  • a little olive oil and/or butter
  • a little diced garlic
  • herbs de provence (or just use thyme / rosemary / oregano also fresh if you find it, do not use only rosemary it is too strong)
  • some salt and pepper

Slice of the top of the tomato and remove the stalk and the inner white portion and create a little hollow (you do not have to remove all of the insides of the tomato). Fill the herbs and the garlic and salt and pepper in the hollow and put butter and or live oil on it. Grill it either on the BBQ or in your oven (180°C) until the skin starts to blacken or crack.




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