Delusions Bi-Quarterly Update

Somehow I manage not to write here very often. This time I have a good reason or so. I’ve been spending my time over at my new blog: work reloaded.

Screenshot of my first app I’ve just announced my first android app which is soon going into beta:

The app is not completely finished. I expect to finish a beta towards the end of the month. My backlog still has a couple of Prio A and B items I just cannot publish without. Still you can see I’ve come a bit further than “Hello World” by now.

While not writing code or blog posts, I’ve been doing the usual stuff:

  • eating good food,
  • going on the usual skiing vacation with the usual suspects,
  • going to the movies with friends (Tron Legacy, Green Hornet, Kookowääh, Black Swan and the Kill Bill Double Feature),
  • watching the superbowl (until half time when Fergie butchered Guns’n’Roses),
  • playing games: Civilization V (rocks!!!) and Plants vs Zombies (can’t stop!).

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories