Tsunami on Samoa

Among all the many bad news about catastrophe’s these days this one touches closer to home as we spent part of our honeymoon on Samoa and have been to the places that were now destroyed.

This beautiful beach at Lalomanu is said to have been hit as well:

Samoa Live News writes:

The TV cameras have captured the full extent to which the famous Beach Fales at Lepa, Siufaga and Lalomanu have been completely falttened. The popular Lalomanu Beach Fales cannot be seen. The well known resorts of Salani Surf, Coconuts Beach and Sinalei have been extensively damaged and will take time to become fully operational again.

The overseas media are expected to arrive this evening and early tomorrow. The full extent of the tsunami is expected to be transmitted to the whole world by tomorrow evening.

These are all places we have been to.

We are very sad to hear this. We have yet to hear from our friends there to find out if they are well.

PS: I uploaded a few more pictures last night.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories