Russell, Bay of Islands

We are nearly up north now. We made it here despite 24 hours of rain in Whairangi. We spent 2 days around Whairangi. The second day it was raining so we did some bad weather activities, like visiting the clock museum, tasting the remaining 2 beers at the Frings Brauhaus (Drought and rye beer ‘Catcher’), eating hokey pokey ice cream and taking pictures of the most photogenic waterfall of New Zealand which had become a steaming mud monster due to the rain.

We got started on the drive rather late and it turned into an adventure of itself. It was dark and raining. The street was always in danger of flooding or landslides. The meadows to left and right had turned into the swamps they used to be before the sheep came.

Sometimes it seemed there could not be civilization at the end of this road, in the end we made it here in one piece and found a very nice place to stay and that is where we will remain for the next 2 nights before finally going up to Cape Reinga. After that it is back south, to Auckland and then on to Samoa.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories