Back to Root

The install is fresh and there is still a Windows installation on the hard drive, but – as you can read on my WoW blog – I am back to using Linux at home. I needed a re-install of Windows and ended up downloading Ubuntu.

I had been putting off installing Windows forever – once I decided to give Linux gaming a chance it took me one day to motivate myself and it paid off: installing Ubuntu has become trivial. I was very impressed with the ease of everything. Gone are the days of cryptic installers where you have to be an expert for hardware and software specifics to get a nice system running.

The most impressive is that booting the Live CD (aka USB drive in my case) is quick and easy and then you just have to click the “Install” button and while you watch the Installer do it’s thing you can surf the web. I had assumed the browser was only for show but when I started it and entered the guild’s forum url … I started laughing, because it isn’t for show.

I have already solved several of the remaining “problems” I had with my gaming keyboard and the games. Fun – windows-less – times ahead!